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SEVEN SITES Project Launch

August 2011 - March 2012

SEVEN SITES Project Launch: with a performance by Edwina Ashton on 14th August at 3pm in Salford.

Working with local and international artists SEVEN SITES presents a series of performances and installations in different locations across Manchester and Salford. With one installation or performance occurring each month between September 2011 and March 2012, SEVEN SITES will develop as an accumulative collection of diverse encounters. Inviting artists to occupy the differing environments of a domestic flat, a church hall, a hotel room, a roof top and a comedy club the encounters become playful punctuation marks within everyday routines, disrupting the familiar frameworks of engagement that occur between artworks, audiences and the city.


The diversity of the series encompasses professional and community art, music events, installations and performances. Such diversity magnifies the extra-ordinary rhythm of encounters and highlights the playfulness within each work. The series further seeks to foster an interdisciplinary sharing of knowledge, practice and enjoyment, where audiences are invited to actively participate, whether through witnessing a performance, interacting with artworks and their artists, or undertaking a journey to a given site.

Documentation and ‘remnants’ from each event will form the content of a final exhibition in April 2012 where the individual works of the series will come together to form paragraphs within an expansive narrative that encompasses the divergent locations, settings and participants across the two cities.

Join us for the launch of SEVEN SITES, with a performance by Edwina Ashton on 14th August at 3pm: Flat 141, Arthur Millwood House, Islington Estate, Salford.


September: SAYDANCE

October: Ordsocs, Salford Lids

November: Sian Robinson Davies

December: Amy Feneck

January: Giles Bailey

February: Antonia Low

March: Quarantine 

Further Information: SEVEN SITES is a project by Laura Mansfield and Swen Steinhauser. Mansfield and Steinhauser previously collaborated to produce the weekend festival The Doers, The Drifters & The Dreamers, held at Islington Mill in November 2010. Their collaboration is centered upon fostering an interdisciplinary sharing of knowledge and pleasure between the practices of theatre, performance and visual art and their respective audiences in Manchester and Salford, staging artworks outside of the established institutional frameworks of the neighboring cities. For further information please contact Laura or Swen on [email protected]

Visit sevensitesproject.tumblr.com/