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Surviving the State

December 13, 2014

Creative Assault Art Production Company (CAAPO) has announced they will be hosting a symposium event on Saturday the 13th of December from 12.30pm to 3.30pm 2014 at Cardiff and Vale College, Cardiff. 'Surviving the State' is a free symposium open to all and will feature guest speakers who will present topics relating to campaigning, protest, community action and survival, particularly in times of austerity and unrest. 

Speakers include;

Shaun Featherstone:
Collective organisation in the context of UK Austerity.

Heledd Williams:
The recent anti-NATO summit mobilisations by anarchist groups from South Wales and beyond.

Hywel Bishop:
'Care', in the form of welfare provision, being utilised by the state as a mechanism of control.

Gareth Seward:
The stealth mechanisms within our financial systems being used to manipulate the population.

Artist Penelope Cowley will be creatively responding to the symposium and recording the event.

This is the final installment of The Survivalist Series, a CAAPO initiative which has taken in three artists’ commissions, an exhibition, community engagement event and residency, and will be archived in an e-publication featuring brand new pieces of writing.

For more information click here.