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Take A Party - Efford: The Capital of Culture For Plymouth

June 25, 2011

Take A Party

Efford: The Capital of Culture For Plymouth

June 25th 2011, 12pm-7pm

Torridge Way, Efford


Artists: WochenKlausur, Mark Vernon, Neil Rose, Sophie Hope, Alain Pezard, Tony Whitehead, Anne Marie Culhane, Tess Wilmot, Gem Ward, Hana Backland, Plymouth College of Art and Design and Toby Gorniack. 


Take A Party is a one-day site specific event marking Efford as the Capital of Culture for Plymouth.   Take A Part has been managing a programme of artistic engagement with the Efford community of Plymouth during the ongoing regeneration of the area.   This one-day street arts festival explores the Take A Part programme and the impact the projects curated have had on the Efford area of Plymouth.  Artists and Efford community groups and residents will come together to further develop, re-work and re-deliver the projects they have engaged and invested in for this one day showcase within public spaces in the community.


Artist Anne Marie Culhane will deliver an outdoor soup café and market stall of the produce produced locally since Grow Efford started; Alain Pezard will recreate cob sculpture with the Crazy Glue group; films made by young people for Take A Part will be screened; WochenKlausur’s Efford Community Vision will launch with an event using public space creatively and for the benefit of the community; Efford FM will re-broadcast online and live with Mark Vernon and Neil Rose.  There will be street dancing and community awards to aknowledge the support and input of residents in the Take A Part project.


The Take A Part programme developed in Efford to give a voice to the regeneration process.  Art has been firmly placed at the heart of the programme of regeneration, giving a voice to the community, allowing for increased consultation, developing cohesion and physically altering the landscape of the neighbourhood.  Investing in the areas of health, young people, physical improvements and heritage/community cohesion, Take A Part has worked directly with community groups, residents and institutions in Efford to integrate them into the commissioning process.  The result has been exciting with artists involved have come both from Plymouth and the UK as well as Portugal, France and Austria coming to this otherwise very discrete community in Plymouth to further their practice. 


The Take A Part programme is a partnership between The Heart of Efford Community Partnership, Plymouth Arts Centre and Plymouth City Council.


This festival is supported by The Heart of Efford Community Partnership, Plymouth City Council, Plymouth Arts Centre, Arts Council England, NHS Plymouth, South West Regional Development Agency, Real Ideas Organisation, Groundwork South West, Stepping Stones to Nature, Lipson Community College, High View School, Efford Youth Centre, HeadSpace, Friends of Efford Valley, Efford Community Vision, Efford Youth Forum.

Visit www.effordtakeapart.org.uk