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The Blue House goes Out of The Blue: An international symposium on Instant Urbanism, Hospitality and Accelerated History. IJburg, Amsterdam

August 3rd - 9th 2009, The Blue House, IJburg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands,

Out of The Blue is an international symposium organized by The Blue House (Het Blauwe Huis) focusing on three main navigational strands in understanding experimental communities: Instant Urbanism, Hospitality and Accelerated History. 

Out of The Blue is as a discursive forum where a number of investigative questions will be articulated via workshops, intense dialogues, in-conversations, study sessions, public deliberation plenaries, performances, and discussions with a number of guests on stage.   The initiator and main organizer is The Blue House, a four-year durational project initiated in IJburg, a new city extension of Amsterdam. IJburg is a major new urban district being developed on a cluster of man-made islands to the east of Amsterdam city centre. The whole development is governed by a highly detailed plan, the implementation of which is strictly regulated.  

In 2005, artist Jeanne van Heeswijk arranged for a large villa in housing 'Block 35' to be taken off the private market and be re-designated as a space for community research, artistic production and cultural activities. In cooperation with Dennis Kaspori and Hervé Paraponaris The Blue House has acted as a centre for artistic and cultural production and research into what happens when such a radical approach to urban planning and community development is employed.

Out of The Blue will take place in the future 'Activity Centre' on the island presently under construction. The still concrete structure will be used as a temporal public faculty, a 50-room motel and an amphitheatre. The design is made by Maartje Dros and Francois Lombarts. The curator of the symposium is Yane Calovski. It is part of Blue House project 'Parade of Urbanism' from Jeanne van Heeswijk and Dennis Kaspori in collaboration with Floris van Heynsbergen.

Out of The Blue has been developed by The Blue House and a number of partner institutions including: Locating the Producers - an on-going collaborative research initiative between Situations at the University of the West of England, Bristol, ProjectBase in Cornwall and Dartington College of Arts / University College Falmouth and led by Dr. Paul O’Neill and ECREA – European Communication Research and Education Association - Philosophy of Communication. 

To register anf find out more information, including full symposium programme, please contact: [email protected]

Additional information contact:
Ria Hartley
Production Assistant
Email: [email protected]

Deadline for registration: Monday, July 20th, 2009