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The Cultivating Culture Symposium

March 18, 2014

The Cultivating Culture Symposium event is being held at the Library of Birmingham on March 18th from 12pm – 7pm. The Symposium will be the opportunity to share Case Studies and discuss issues and challenges that have emerged from the past 3 years of work by Local Arts Fora & Arts Champions and to reflect on how arts development can overcome barriers to participation and engagement.

The Cultivating Culture Symposium is an afternoon of debates and discussions for local people, arts organisations, policy makers and anyone who is interested in developing amazing arts activities at a grass roots level where they live.

The days starts at 12noon with a networking lunch and is kicked off with a Keynote Speech from Claire McDermott Cultural Programmer for Derry Londonderry 2013. There will also be small group discussions and the chance to see performances and presentations of the work done by Birmingham's local Arts Fora and Arts Champions.

Culture on Your Doorstep is a key pillar of the City’s Cultural Strategy and has focused particularly on adult engagement (19+); creation of new work presented to the public; promotion and presentation of arts activities to the public and project which develop adults as creators, participants, audiences and leaders.

The Arts Champions Scheme has been very successful in fulfilling this area of strategy and case studies from the Scheme will reveal data, models of good practice and clear examples of activities which have been built up over 3 years to leave a legacy with residents in each District – some of whom will be present on the day to present examples of this activity.

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