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15th November 2013, 7-9pm

Ageing, Schools, Juice and a Handbook for Adventure!

Wick Session #15 - HEALTH will bring together a diverse group of speakers around the broad issue of Health in the context of post Olympic east London.

Dr. Sophie Handler's work explores ways in which practitioners, designers, urban curators and policymakers can redress the marginalisation of older people in cities and, both literally and symbolically, 'make space for older age. Sam Aitkenhead will introduce his latest work "A Handbook for Home Adventure" offering tools and resources for design that inspires activity. Farah Jamal will introduce her research in secondary schools with young people in Newham, which explores how the school environment (physical and social) influences health. Tom Fletcher, a local chef will introduce us to his surplus food business - Rejuce, established to reduce food waste by redirecting surpluses into economically, socially and environmentally friendly products.

The event is coordinated with the research group Urban Health Games and the Department of Design and Urban Development of Technische Universität Darmstadt, which this year explores issues of Health and Design in East London.

WHERE: The White Building, Unit 7 Queens Yard, White Post Lane, London E9 5EN, UK
WHEN: 15th November 2013, 7-9pm
HOW MUCH: Wick Sessions are free and open to anyone who wants to take part. Venues change with every evening.
RSVP: Places are free, no reservation necessary

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Two walks through Hackney Wick and Fish Island will preceed the evening session. One lead by Simon Cole from Hackney Tours and the other by Andreas Lang from public works. Click here to book a free place on either of the walks.

Are a series of talks, seminars and walks dedicated to Hackney Wick and its surrounding area, bringing together a wide range of voices and expertise. Wick Sessions provide a public forum for debate and exchange, with the aim of creating a shared body of local knowledge around issues of bottom up and sustainable developments. Wick Sessions are part of R-urban Wick a project by public works and AAA as part of R-URBAN. The current series of talks are supported by the London Legacy Development Corporation.

R-Urban is a bottom-up strategy that explores the possibilities of enhancing the capacity of urban resilience by introducing a network of resident-run facilities. It initiates locally closed ecological cycles that will support the emergence of alternative models of living, producing and consuming. R-urban is supported by the EU Life+ Programme of environmental governance. The project partners are AAA, Paris (coordinator), the City of Colombes and public works.

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