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Wick Session No 23: Planning for forums, forums for planning

February 6, 2015

The Wick Sessions are a series of talks, seminars and walks dedicated to Hackney Wick and its surrounding area, bringing together a wide range of voices and expertise. The sessions organised by R-Urban provide a public forum for debate and exchange, with the aim of creating a shared body of local knowledge around issues of bottom up and sustainable developments. The next in the series of talks takes place on Friday the 6th of February 2015 from 7pm onwards at The White Building, Queens Yard, London.

About Wick Session 23:

Creating appropriate forms of local democracy is one of the great challenges contemporary cities face. In places like London, where development pressure is very high, the need for spaces where issues of relevance can be discussed, ideas shared and decisions made collectively is particularly urgent.

  • What kinds of forums or assemblies are appropriate vehicles to achieve this?
  • What kinds of issues have the capacity to gather a collectivity?
  • What forms of legitimacy and representativeness can community forums build?
  • How do such forums relate to other key actors such as local authorities and developers?

This session explores these questions, starting from a series of relevant experiences already taking place in Hackney Wick, such as the work of the Cultural Interest Group's Planning Unit and the recently opened Hub67.

With contributions by:

  • Carl Frazer
  • Isaac Marrero-Guillamón
  • Lucy Oliver-Harrison
  • Richard Brown

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