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b-side Symposium 2015 - The Excursionist

8th and 9th October 2015

b-side present 'The Excursionist' a symposium event exploring the impact of tourism on community, environment and economy and the role art can play. The event takes place on the 8th and 9th of October 2015 at The Stonehall, Portland in Dorset.

With cultural tourism currently high on the agenda and partnerships being formed between arts and tourism organisations what does this actually mean for these organisations and the artists they work with? In rural areas tourism is increasingly seen as the answer to supporting the economy and sustaining rural communities. The attractions of the coast and landscape are marketed and strategies developed to maximize articulating and promoting local distinctiveness. Arts organisations are looking to the landscape as venue and backdrop and developing events that create a cultural calendar to augment and celebrate this offer.

However, for every positive argument put forward in support of rural tourism there can be a counter argument. When the economic driver of tourism demands the creation of ‘attractions’ and results in an influx of visitors how does this impact upon the landscape and those that live there? Can art be used effectively to increase awareness and understanding of some of the potential issues arising from these impacts and support a responsible and sustainable approach to tourism? What role can the arts play in augmenting the tourism offer whilst also maintaining artistic integrity?

The Excursionist symposium poses these questions in a series of creative provocations, interventions and discussions.

Day One features individual expert and practitioner perspectives including contributions from Artangel Co-Director James Lingwood and artist Katrina Palmer plus an excursion to visit Portland’s primary tourist attraction!

Day Two presents three conversations designed to stimulate debate. Each one led by specialists in art, environment, tourism and community who will present a short summary of their experience before opening up the conversation to the room. Delegates will have the opportunity to attend and participate in all three sessions.

For more information or to purchase earlybird tickets click here.