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The Peterhead Creative Communities Project


Peterhead (pop. 19,000) is a remote town on the north east coast of Scotland that faces a number of challenges, including a declining fishing industry and the long-term prospect of North Sea oil and gas running out.

In January 2005, Aberdeenshire Council engaged Sans façon – artist Tristan Surtees and architect Charles Blanc – during the early stages of the town’s current phase of regeneration.

Sans façon worked with Stephen Bridge, a landscape architect from DEP Landscape Initiatives, to draw up outline proposals for the town.

Sans façon then tested some of the proposals through creative projects within the town. Sans façon also masterminded a conference with presentations by international artists and architects, produced a local history map, and curated three artists to create temporary projects in the town. Sans façon’s work generated considerable interest within the town and beyond, and influenced key players at Aberdeenshire Council.

In September 2005, Sans façon was appointed lead artist-team of the subsequent regeneration programme.