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Green Streets.  Photo: civic Architects with artist Kevin Carter.

Burnley Elevate Artist Injection

Burnley Borough Council (BBC) set up Burnley Elevate Artist Injection in order to involve artists in a major Housing Market Renewal (HMR) scheme that is addressing housing market failure.

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Tower block at Sheil Park, Liverpool. Photo: Further Up in the Air Archive.

Further up in the air

Up in the Air (2000 - 2001) and Further Up in the Air (2001-2004) were two ambitious programmes of artists residencies in Sheil Park, Liverpool, jointly initiated and managed by artists Neville Gabie and Leo Fitzmaurice.

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Entrance to Oxbridge Home Zone, Lowestoft, 2003. Photo: Les Bicknell.

Oxbridge Homezone

The Oxbridge Home Zone in Lowestoft is one of over sixty Home Zone projects across England but the only one to have employed a lead visual artist as a member of its professional team.

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