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Emerald Laser Lawn, Dan Corson, 2007 Huzienga Plaza, Broward County, Florida, USA. Green lasers at low level playing out patterns across the lawn. Photo: Dan Corson.

Broward Lighting Project

Broward Lighting Project was an art commission in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, comprising two related light–artworks by the Seattle-based artist Dan Corson. The artist overcame a number of difficulties to make the project successful.

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‘Tapetto Volante’ (Flying Carpet), Illuminated lanterns, steel cables, by Daniel Buren, 2002. Piazzetta Mollino, Turin (Luci d’Artista). Photo: Giorgio Sottile.

Luci D'Artista

Part of Turin's ongoing regenerative strategy, the project and its related programme of events comprises an important element in the city's endeavours to confirm its role as a major international centre for contemporary art.

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Making Waves, Ray Smith, 1999. Photo: Norman Young.

Making Waves

Making Waves is a major town centre lighting artwork commissioned by Teignmouth Town Council. A fluent wave form is repeated throughout 26 spans of display lighting, using the newest lighting technology.

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