Voices of Heavitree, Exeter, 2008, lead artist Michael Fairfax, blacksmith Peter Osborne, glass manufacturer Wood and Wood. Photo: Exeter City Council

Maintenance of Public Art - Comparative Report

This case study provides a glimpse of how three local authorities – Exeter City Council, Manchester City Council and Gateshead Council – maintain the public art in their care. The emphasis is on permanent outdoor artworks.

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General view of Laycock Park and Nose Creek, Calgary, Canada. Photo: Westhoff Engineering Resources, Inc.

Utilities and Environmental Protection Department, Calgary - Report 1

This case study is the first of three reports over the next twelve months, following two projects being realised under the innovative Public Art Plan adopted by The City of Calgary’s Utilities and Environmental Protection Department, in Canada.

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Walking the High Line. Photo copyright Joel Sternfeld 2000

The High Line

The High Line is a monument to the industrial history of New York's West Side. It offered an opportunity to create an innovative new public space, raised above the city streets, with views of the Hudson River and the city skyline. Its conversion is planned to be a global model for the reuse of transportation infrastructure.

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