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River Parrett Trail


Navigators is a sequence of twelve short lines carved by letter cutter Andrew Whittle into twelve massive wooden beams spanning the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal at Albert Street Cutting in Bridgwater in 1996. The groups of words were distilled from writing produced during a community poetry project facilitated by poet Tony Charles. The project was based on a sketch proposal written as part of the feasibility study for the Trail.

The project was amongst the first commissions along the River Parrett Trail, a long distance path integrating public access, the local community, business development, the environment, green tourism and the arts and crafts. The philosophy of the arts programme is to evoke and articulate history and a sense of place through the arts and to involve the community in a deeper understanding and connection with their surroundings. The Trail Guide includes route and accommodation details, and information on the art commissions and points of historical, agricultural and environmental interest.