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Four Shores


Four Shores is a public art project on the Isle of Sheppey, an island at the mouth of the Thames associated with heavy industry and social deprivation.

The project was devised by Medway Swale Estuary Partnership (MSEP) to draw attention to four public rights of way with landmark sculptures. An initial development phase by artist Stephen Turner persuaded MSEP of the value of a lower-key project with a range of artistic approaches.

The artist team comprising lead artist Stephen Turner, poet Ros Barber, architect Simon Barker and filmmaker Abbe Leigh Fletcher, with project manager Frances Lord, worked collaboratively to produce a number of works. These include poems and words painted or incised onto existing coastal structures and concrete debris, way-marking sculptures and a bench, a book of poems and posters, and designs for a shelter which has yet to be constructed.

Four Shores ran for two years and was launched with a publication in autumn 2005.