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Faith House, Holton Lee, Dorset

Faith House at Holton Lee, Dorset, has won The Guardian newspaper's Best British Building of the Year Award for 2002. The building was been designed by Tony Fretton Architects in collaboration with artist Diego Ferrari. The main focus for the design came from the 350 acre Site of Special Scientific Interest which surrounds the building, and the contemplative aspects of nature. The collaboration between architect and artist was supported by an RSA Art for Architecture award.

Faith House is a meeting place for the arts, disability, the environment and personal growth. It is part of Holton Lee, a centre in rural east Dorset, which offers short term holiday accommodation for use by disabled people and their carers. Two cottages and the Barn provide accessible accommodation, and the Pavilion offers dedicated studio space for arts, pottery and sculpture. Faith House creates space for meditation and meeting, and was opened to the public in February 2002.

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