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A Way Forward Seminar

A Way Forward? Trails, Art and Non-Invasive Interpretation Seminar

Part of the River Parrett Trail Revisited Project
Friday 24 March 2006, Burrowbridge

Key Points

  • Artists can make a valuable contribution to the long-term future of our landscape. Many artists are already working with natural history, heritage and landscape in partnership with land/countryside managers and rural communities. Contemporary artists are open to new ideas and through an interdisciplinary approach can initiate partnerships between different organisations and groups of people.
  • Arts can re-engage people and communities with the landscape. Sensitively engaging people with the distinctiveness of the local landscape can reinforce a sense of community and connectedness with the land. Issues can be raised, understanding of local heritage developed and traditional skills revived. Enhancing the experiencing of rural places, a re-engagement with caring about the landscape can develop.
  • Artists are exploring 'non-invasive' art techniques and practice, using new technologies and a 'light touch' on the environment. People orientated activities of a participatory and often temporary nature are being developed. There is huge potential in the combination of new technology and artists' vision and creativity - the partnership makes it dynamic.
  • Culture is a key economic driver in the South West contributing £1billion to the regional economy. This can be measured in economic, social and environmental terms. Culture as a whole includes arts, heritage, tourism, sport and landscape.
  • Notes and attendees' contact details will be circulated to encourage further communication, networking, skills sharing and partnership working. Representatives present from a wide range of organisations and agencies - Cotswolds to Cornwall.
  • Recommendation to subscribe to Arts Council England free online arts news service http://listmail.artsfb.org.uk:81/read/all_forums/ Register then go to My Account/ Membership Type, choose Digest or Index.
  • A recommendation list for future projects will be created.

Follow this link to download the full seminar report as a Richtext Format document: 32Kb

Further details: Carol Carey, Somerset Art Week

Tel: 01460 259324; Email: [email protected]

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