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HOME House Project

Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art

Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

The HOME House Project is an innovative multi-year initiative created by the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA). It represents a revolutionary shift in SECCA's long-standing Artist and the Community series by addressing the idea of community in a national, and perhaps global, sense. With the HOME House Project , SECCA challenged artists and architects to propose new designs for single family housing for low- and moderate-income families using Habitat for Humanity's basic three-and-four bedroom house as a "point of departure". In addition, the design criteria included eco-friendly and sustainable materials, technologies, and methods. The response was overwhelming as more than 440 individuals and teams from the United States, Italy, England, Spain, Canada, the Netherlands, and Russia, sent proposals (from the more than 790 that registered).

The HOME House Project has multiple components: a competition, exhibition, publication, educational programming, and a building phaseĆ³all of which are made possible by a large range of partnerships and collaborations with individuals, organizations, and communities.

The goals for the project are:

1) to provide inspired design in the affordable housing market for those who historically have been ommitted from enjoying its benefits;

2) to establish a new national housing model in terms of design, energy efficiency, environmental consciousness, and cost effectiveness that can change the stigma attached to affordable housing throughout the United States;

3) to showcase the most recent advances in sustainable design;

4) to foster new partnerships with people, organizations and communities across the United States involved in the creative applications of affordable design.

The idea is to create a model program that once it begins to germinate, will continue to grow, develop, and multiply.

The interim report describes the project in greater detail and the article from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram newspaper describes some of the designs submitted.

Follow this link to download the full interim report as a Rich Text Format document: 25Kb

Follow this link to download the Fort Worth Star-Telegraph article as a Rich Text Format document: 20Kb

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