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Bristol Legible City 2001/2002 Evaluation Report

Bristol Legible City is a unique concept to improve people's understanding and experience of the city through the implementation of identity, information and transportation projects. This approach takes account of the needs of the user at every step, visitors and residents alike, whether using the city for business, daily life or leisure and whether travelling on foot, by train, car or cycle. The project was in development for four years and has been in operation since March 2001.

As a creative and innovative city, Bristol is changing. Ground-breaking regeneration and development schemes make Bristol more than ever a great place to be and to do business, encouraging both inward investment and a thriving visitor and leisure industry. Bristol Legible City is part of the vision for Bristol to take its place as a modern pioneer in the region and in Britain and Europe. It will be implemented over several years and will include a distinctive identity for all public signage, new directional signs, visitor welcome panels, interpretation points providing details about a locality and its attractions, an integrated network of transport information, an arts programme, telephone kiosks, information booths and markers at travel interchanges.

In the first year, the priorities have been signage, maps and high tech information points, mainly in the city centre area, several arts projects and a conference. The following report by Andrew Kelly and Melanie Kelly evaluates these achievements and user response to them, and outlines suggestions for future extension of the project.

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