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An Evaluation of the Royston Road Community Parks Project

Glasgow North is one of the main focuses for a major regeneration programmehappening in Glasgow's most marginalised and socially excluded areas. Whilstphysical transformation is welcome and dramatic, people can often feel excludedfrom the process and the Royston Road Project was created in response to thisrealisation. Recognising the power of the arts as a tool in the process, localcommunity activists formed in 1998 the Royston Road Project Ltd. a grass roots,community driven organisation dedicated to arts-led community development.

The Royston Road Community Parks project is the company's first major initiativeand is broad in its vision, ambition and aspiration. Working with high profilearts organisations as well as a design team of artists and architects, (withfunding from institutions such as the Scottish Arts Council, the NationalLottery Charities Board, Glasgow City Council, the European Regional DevelopmentFund,the Esmée Fairbairn Charitable Trust, the local Social InclusionPartnership and the European Social Fund), the local community has built twonew public spaces for the area and supported 6 artists residencies, designedto enhance the profile of the area and to encourage participation and communityownership.

While charting the many achievements of the project, Lia Ghilardi's paperboth assesses the impact the project has had on the local community and highlightsthe obstacles encountered during its implementation.

Lia Ghilardi is interested in receiving feedback on this piece of work and can be contacted at e-mail: [email protected]

Follow this link to download the full report as a Rich Text Format document: 68Kb

Click here to download document (RTF format)

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