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Long-term Evaluation of Renewal of Queen Square, Bristol

As part of the ongoing Bristol Legible City project, Queen Square, near the city centre, was refurbished, including changes to car access, parking, and the installation of street furniture. At one time the home of some of the city's wealthiest residents, Queen Square has become an office quarter in recent years. By removing the dual carriageway which previously bisected the square, a stunning space has been created and returned to public use for leisure and open-air entertainment.

In August 2002, Bristol Cultural Development Partnership (BCDP) conducted a survey of companies with offices in Queen Square, as part of its long-term evaluation study of the Bristol Legible City project. The survey included questions relating to the renewal of the square, attitudes to public events in the space and to High Life an artist-designed bird box project. It also covered attitudes to the legible city signage and maps.

Follow this link to download the full document as an Adobe Acrobat document: 92Kb

Link: Download Queens Square Report in pdf format

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