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Building Legible Cities Conference Evaluation Report 2001/2

The Building Legible Cities conference took place in Bristol on 15th March 2001. It was organised by the Bristol Cultural Development Partnership. The conference attracted considerable interest. This report summarises the results of the evaluation undertaken after the conference and the action taken —or to be taken — to put right areas of activity where justifiable criticism was made. In total, 77 forms were returned, 60 percent of those sent out. This is an excellent response. In this report, all comments have been reported anonymously and results are recorded in aggregate form only.

• Conference sold out
• 93 per cent described the conference as very good and good
• 95 per cent of paying guests called Building Legible Cities good value for money
• Most keynote speakers received over 70 per cent good/very good ratings
• 92 per cent of non-Bristol delegates described Watershed as easy to find
• 95 per cent described the conference pack as good/very good
• 97 per cent are interested in attending future Building Legible Cities events.

Conference Objectives
There was a range of objectives for the conference. First, to broadcast widely the
concept of Bristol Legible City (BLC), to show elements of the project in situ, and to
promote a future shared vision for BLC. Secondly, the conference aimed to promote
Bristol as an innovative city and to position Bristol as a leading city in terms of the urban
regeneration agenda. Finally, part of the conference aimed to illustrate the partnership
nature of BLC, in particular the innovative working arrangements with Adshel.

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