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ixia - critical texts about public art

Critical texts about public art, and call for papers

ixia has published a series of critical texts about public art on their website and invites comments and discussion.

To read the texts go to: www.ixia-info.com/new-writing

At a time of increasing publicity and debate around public art, it is crucial we constantly reflect and question our methods and understandings of why and how public art is being commissioned. ixia, the public art think tank, has begun commissioning new critical texts which are now available on their website. These thought provoking essays, specially commissioned by ixia and independent practitioner Sophie Hope, tackle issues close to the heart of the writers and aim to raise debate and stimulate discussion.

In his essay, artist David Patten ( http://www.ixia-info.com/new-writing/davidpatten ) clears up some confusion over the commissioning of artists in the development process, arguing that keeping artists at one remove from the development process, sheltered by agencies and curators, can add to the sense of unease and mystery over the artist's role.

Freee ( http://www.ixia-info.com/new-writing/freee-maggie-maggie-maggie-out-out-out/ ) are artists Mel Jordan, Andy Hewitt and Dave Beech. Through a written dialogue they introduce their work as a mode of distributing, activating and declaring ideas and challenge us to rethink the role and possibilities of passive, polite spaces that artists continue to quietly and predictably occupy, whether that is in 'public space' and/or in a 'gallery'.

Artist Loraine Leeson ( http://www.ixia-info.com/new-writing/loraineleeson/ ) has worked with communities for over 30 years. She reflects on how her practice has had to shift in relation to the changing politics from the 70s to the present day - what have we learnt and what can we leave behind?

Anew essay by Matthew Cornford has just been added:http://www.ixia-info.com/new-writing/matthewcornford/

ixia is looking for your response to these texts. If there is something which you would like to say, please email your thoughts to [email protected] and title your e-mail 'Website feedback'. ixia will add your comments to a new 'Questions & Comments' http://www.ixia-info.com/new-writing/questions-comments/ page on the website and we hope that this will generate discussion and give you the opportunity to share your thoughts on public art with others. If you would prefer ixia not to put your comments online, or would like them to pass your comments on to the author but not to add them to the online discussion, then please indicate this in your e-mail.

ixia want to expand this collection of texts. If you are interested in writing an article, please email [email protected]. Send a short paragraph about yourself and the topic which you would like to write about.

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