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LightShift Evaluation

Forest of Dean Transformed by Light and Sound

For seven evenings in autumn 2001, 40,000 adults and children of all ages experienced the Forest of Dean as they had never seen it before. They walked by an illuminated lake in a shimmering forest, hearing mystical sounds that haunted the valley and trail, while electric locusts swarmed close by. Lasers, wisps of fire and dancing lights touched the treetops, creating startling vistas. Video projections drew them into intimate and incandescent spaces.

'LightShift' was an artist-led project which aimed to revive interest and bring back confidence in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, which was closed to visitors and residents for five months during of the Foot and Mouth outbreak in 2001. It was the result of an extraordinary collaboration over an eight-week period between artists, foresters and students.

Artists Mark Anderson of Blissbody and Robin Blackledge were commissioned to develop a concept and a body of work for a journey through a section of the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail. A number of other artists were also commissioned to produce works including Lulu Quinn and Julia Westermann, Tony Sinden, Elise Hurcombe and David Gibbons from Urban Projects. 'LightShift' comprised thirty installations in all.

Further information and images are at www.forestofdean-sculpture.org.uk

Follow this link to download the Full Evaluation as a Rich Text Format document: 20Kb

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