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Daubeney Primary School


In December 1999 Hackney Wick Public Art Programme commissioned artist Hattie Coppard to work with Daubeney Primary School to develop a creative programme of consultation and participation, leading to ideas for improvements to the school playground. The programme culminated in an Experimental Playground Week which gave every pupil the opportunity to participatein the process of imagining what the new playground might be through play and creativity.

Subsequently, landscape architect Lynn Kinnear was commissioned to work with Hattie Coppard to develop design proposals for the playground inspired by the outcomes of the Experimental Playground Project. Their collaboration has sought not only to improve the physical appearance of the playground, but also to effect a change in the role and culture ofplay within the school. The project has been the subject of extensive extensively documentation and evaluation during the initial and design stages and ongoing evaluation is being planned.

The timetable of the project was protracted by the search for finance to construct it, with further slight delays during the construction phase. Installation of the redesigned playground was completed by summer 2003.