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Moorfields Eye Hospital


Public art consultants ArtOffice commissioned Samantha Bryan, Lucy Casson and Yuko Shiraishi to create artworks for a new children’s eye centre at Moorfields Hospital, London. Their sculptures and wall painting -- which range from being just a few centimetres high to spanning the five storeys of the building -- have made a considerable difference to the visual appearance and experience of the hospital. In addition to these ‘stand-alone’ artworks, Alison Turnbull, a painter, collaborated with the architects to resolve the design of louvres on the façade of the building. The sheer prominence of two of the commissions is a testimony to architects Penoyre & Prasad’s belief in what artists can contribute to architectural schemes.

All of this has been a considerable achievement, especially as there were drastic reductions to the anticipated budget for artworks, and delays.