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Further up in the air

Continuing Programme

One of the exciting and unusual aspects of the Up in the Air and Further Up in the Air programme as a whole is the continuing emergence of new programme elements. For instance the Furtherafield office which was set up in Linosa Close in 2001 and closed down at the end of the Further Up in the Air residencies, was reconstructed for an exhibition 'Shrinking Cities' held in Kunst Werke Gallery, Berlin. www.shrinkingcities.com This exhibition looked at four shrinking cities, including Liverpool which b etween 1981 and 2001 lost 11.6% of its population. Continuing with the spirit of working closely together a group of Sheil Park residents travelled with the curators to Berlin to see the exhibition.

Following the two residency programmes some artists have returned independently to Sheil Park to make more work in consultation with and the involvement of the residents.

 Further Up in the Air also continues in the form of 'Further More...a book of proposals'. Building on previous projects Sheil Park, artists submitted proposals for the Liverpool Biennial September 2004; the intention being to set up a committee comprising curators from the Liverpool Biennial, Furtherafield and Sheil Park residents to select work to be commissioned in a further phase of the programme. At the time of writing a decision has yet to be made as to whether any of these commissioned works are to go ahead.