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Further up in the air

Fact Sheet


Up in the Air, 2000 - 2001

Further Up in the Air, 2001 - 2004


Up in the Air

Artist curators:

Leo Fitzmaurice, Neville Gabie, Kelly Large

Contributing artists:

Leo Fitzmaurice, Neville Gabie, Grennan & Sperandio, Dirk Konigsfeld, Kelly Large and Becky Shaw, Philip Reilly, George Shaw, Chloe Steele

Further Up in the Air

Artist curators:

Neville Gabie and Leo Fitzmaurice

Contributing artists:

Jordon Baseman, Vittorio Bergamaschi, Catherine Bertola, Marcus Coates, Bill Drummond, Leo Fitzmaurice, Anna Fox, Neville Gabie, Stefan Gec, Lothar Gotz, Gary Perkins, David Mabb, Paul Rooney, Will Self, Julian Stallabrass, Greg Streak, Tom Woolford, Elizabeth Wright.


Liverpool Housing Action Trust (LHAT).


Artists' commissions: all artists were paid a flat fee of £3,000 plus £1,000 materials allowance, with free accommodation and studio space in the flats.

Total project costs:

Up in the Air - approx £38,000

Further Up in the Air - approx £110,000

Funding sources (for both projects)

Arts Council England

CDS (Housing Association)

Henry Moore Foundation

Liverpool City of Culture

Liverpool Housing Action Trust (LHAT)

Visiting Arts

Contact for Further Information

Liverpool Housing Action Trust (LHAT)

Website: www.liverpoolhat.org.uk

Email: [email protected]

Contact: Paul Kelly, Community Development Manager