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Broward Lighting Project

Opportunities for Local Artists

The issue of appointing visiting versus local artists is one that many commissioners are sensitive to when appointing artists. The issue was addressed during the development of ‘Design Broward’ and a programme that supports the skills development of artists based in the area is supported by funding allocated to ensure involvement of locally-based artists in schemes offering the opportunity to extend working practices.

‘Recognizing that it is difficult for Broward-based artists to participate in public art projects unless they have previous experience, the Broward Cultural Council seeks special opportunities, such as the Duane Hanson Allied Artist Award, to develop a growing pool of Broward-based artists with experience in public art.’ (Quoted from the Artists' Rights Policy - see link below).

For the Broward arts project the fact that Dan Corson was based in Seattle over 2000 miles away, meant that the Allied Artist programme provided a useful mechanism for him to better understand the area, and gain support in local research. The choice of Allied Artist is made by the commissioned artist from a list supplied by the Public Art and Design Team. Lee Anna Yater was the Allied Artist on this project.

Download the Broward County Artists' Rights Policy as an Adobe Acrobat format file, 202KB.