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Sit Down! Mimersgade, Copenhagen

Fact Sheet

Title of Project

Sit Down! Public Art in Mimersgade


The project was delivered by publik, an artist-focused organisation producing arts projects for public spaces, and was curated by Christian Skovbjerg Jensen based on his original project idea. Artists involved were Jeppe Hein, J & K, Kenneth A. Balfelt, Parfyme, Sonja Lillebæk Christensen and Superflex.


City of Copenhagen and Realdania Partnership


August 2006


November 2006


Mimersgade, Copenhagen


The neighbourhood of Mimersgade in the Outer Nørrebro district of Copenhagen, providing the main thoroughfare for the area bordered by Nørrebrogade, Jagtvej, Tagensvej and the railway to the north west.


Six temporary projects including a customised local shuttle bus, ten modified benches, a constructed hilly landscape, a neon sign pointing in the direction of the Mjølnerparken residential area, a video installation and a project involving young students and a local café bar.


The neighbourhood renewal programme budget between 2004 and 2010 is 130 million kroner (around £14 million). Overall, Sit Down! cost 372,000 kroner (around £40,000) to deliver.

Funding sources

Realdania Partnership’s Områdefornyelsen Mimersgadekvarteret programme, Danish Arts Council and The Cultural Department of the City of Copenhagen.

Summary Artists’ Brief

To create new temporary spaces where people can stop and interact in Mimersgade, to provide an alternative way of consulting local people and encouraging debate around the more complex and politically sensitive aspects of urban regeneration

Project Curator

Christian Skovbjerg Jensen, publik

Contact for further information

Christian Skovbjerg Jensen, publik

[email protected]

publik website (English version)

Artist websites

Kenneth Balfert



J & K

Jeppe Hein

Sonja Lillebæk Christensen