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Examples of Public Art in the South West: Gloucestershire


Acute Illness Unit, Charlton Lane Hospital (1991-1993):

Artworks for a new building including decorative glazing at the main entrance by Anne Smyth, reception desk by Lucinda Leech and a landscaped courtyard. Also numerous textile works made by groups from local day centres working with textile artists.

Contact: Art Shape Ltd.

Tel: 01452 307684 Email: [email protected]

Everyman Theatre (2005):

Barriers and pedestrian 'Sails' by Alan Evans for the new extended pavement area outside the theatre.

Contact: Jane Lillystone, Museum and Arts Manager, Cheltenham Borough Council, Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum, Clarence Street, Cheltenham GL50 3JT.

Tel: 01242 775712 Email: [email protected]

GCHQ Building (2004):

Cast glass work by Colin Reid and 'Stones' by Gordon Young in Hesters Way.

Contact: Jane Lillystone, Museum and Arts Manager, Cheltenham Borough Council, Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum, Clarence Street, Cheltenham GL50 3JT.

Tel: 01242 775712 Email: [email protected]

Sandford Garden (1993):

A sculpture in cast iron by Neville Gabie in the Friendship Circle.

Contact: Jane Lillystone, Museum and Arts Manager, Cheltenham Borough Council, Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum, Clarence Street, Cheltenham GL50 3JT.

Tel: 01242 775712 Email: [email protected]

Town Centre (1987-2001):

Cycle rack (1993) by artist/blacksmith, Alan Evans. Minotaur and Hare in bronze (1995; acquired by public subscription in 1998) by Sophie Ryder on The Promenade. Man with Ball (1999), a bronze statue by Giles Penny at Regency Mews, Winchcombe Street. Wishing Fish Clock (1987) by Kit Williams in the Regent Arcade. Elephant Mural (1993) five mosaic panels by Turton and Robertson outside Woolworth's, Grosvenor Place South. Drinking fountain and mosaic plinth (2001) by Emily Lawler in the Winston Churchill Memorial Gardens.

Contact: Jane Lillystone, Museum and Arts Manager, Cheltenham Borough Council, Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum, Clarence Street, Cheltenham GL50 3JT.

Tel: 01242 775712 Email: [email protected]

Waitrose (2003):

Seats by Walter Jack adjacent to Waitrose.

Contact: Jane Lillystone, Museum and Arts Manager, Cheltenham Borough Council, Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum, Clarence Street, Cheltenham GL50 3JT.

Tel: 01242 775712 Email: [email protected]


Cinderford Market Place:

Designed by artists Mollie Meager, Sue Chudley, Andrew Darke and Matthew and Lucy Fedden.

Forest of Dean

Forest of Dean Sculpture Trust (1986 ongoing):

Hanging Fire, metal sculpture by Cornelia Parker, 1988.Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail, Cinderford, Gloucestershire. House, sculpture by Miles Davies, 1998.Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail, Cinderford, Gloucestershire.

A 3.5 mile forest trail with work by a number of sculptors, including Peter Randall Page, Miles Davies, Kevin Atherton, Cornelia Parker, Sophie Ryder, David Nash, Yvette Martin, Andrew Darke, Peter Appleton and Neville Gabie, along paths in the Forest. A major temporary light event Lightshift was organized in autumn 2001 in response to the foot and mouth epidemic (see case study and Recently installed, In Situ, by Erika Tan, celebrates the Diversity project, a year's work of community involvement and temporary works by Erika Tan and Jane Spray. Catalogue is available ISBN 0-954-6621-0-5.

Two artists residencies in spring 2005 in a project called Reveal: The Third Person and Laura Daley.

Information available at Beechenhurst Visitors’ Centre on B4226 between Cinderford and Coleford. Enquiries: 01594 833057.

Gloucester City

City Vistas ('Neither here, nor there', 2006):

Gloucester, Westgate Street, Neither Here, Nor There by Lisa Scantlebury, Gloucester, 2006.Photo: Neil Palmer/Apex; reproduced by kind permission of Axis.

As part of Architecture Week 2006 in the South West region, four cities had their vistas dramatically changed. Huge canvas structures were installed in busy urban spaces during June that aimed to, quite literally, alter the way people see their surroundings; drawing attention to the architectural environment and encouraging a fresh look at familiar surroundings.

In Gloucester, Swindon, Bristol and Plymouth, Bristol-based artist Lisa Scantlebury, erected digitally rendered trompe-l’oeil images. Measuring two and a half metres high by over nine metres wide, the works responded to the characteristics of each individual city and invited passers by to stop and think about how we relate to the urban environment and reconsider the impact it has on daily lives.

The project was funded by Arts Council England (South West).

Follow this link to download a discussion paper about this project in Adobe Acrobat format, 41KB.

Contact: Carolyn Black, Project Manager

Email: [email protected]

Docks Hoardings Lights (2005; no longer in place):

Link to larger image: Temporary docks hoardings lighting installation by Andrew Stonyer. Gloucester Docks.

During the redevelopment of the docks, South West Regional Development Agency commissioned artist Andrew Stonyer, who turned the hoardings around the Barge Arm into a temporary lighting sculpture. The house colours of developers Crest Nicholson have been used to create a stylised vision of red warehouses and blue water pierced with coloured squares of light which go on and off in sequence.

Contact: Pat Roberts, Visual Arts Officer, Gloucester City Council

Tel: 01452 396385 Email: [email protected]

Railway Station:

Railings between station forecourt and main road by Matthew Fedden.

Stone Spiral (2005):

Link to larger image: Stone Spiral by Pascal Mychalysin and stone mason team, 2005. Gloucester Park.

The sandstone spiral, commissioned by Gloucester City Council for a new war memorial garden in Gloucester Park, was designed by the City Council's team of landscape architects and cut and carved by Pascal Mychalysin and his team of stone masons from Gloucester Cathedral. The spiral sculpture, which bears the words of a poem by Gloucester born poet and composer Ivor Gurney, is intended to symbolise regeneration, eternity and the cycle of life.

Contact: Pat Roberts, Visual Arts Officer, Gloucester City Council.

Tel: 01452 396385 Email: [email protected] Website:

Storytelling Bench (1999):

A semi-circular stone bench with eleven back rests, all carved with grotesque he ads and mythical beasts was commissioned by Gloucester Cathedral. Designed by Pascal Mychalysin from Gloucester Cathedral, it was cut and carved by stone mason s from all over Europe during an international competition held in the cathedral close in 1999.

Contact: Pat Roberts, Visual Arts Officer, Gloucester City Council.

Tel: 01452 396385 Email: [email protected] Website:

Westgate Street Pedestrianisation Scheme (2007-8):

Specially commissioned bollards by Matthew Fedden, seating by Valerie Coffin-Price.

Contact: Caroline Leverton, Arts & Festivals Manager, Gloucester City Council. Tel: 01452 396369 Email: [email protected]

Gloucestershire County Council Percent for Art/Public Art Strategy

Artist's Journey (2002):

Gloucestershire Digital Arts Forum, a collaboration between the County Council, Cirencester College Media Department and Preme commissioned Simon Ryder to explore the county through digital media. He collaborated with 6 other county based artists, James Crombie, Rob Goodman, Colin Reid, Liz Pyppiat, Robin Wilson and Keith Jameson (none of whom had any previous digital experience) to create new works which were exhibited in Prema August 2002.

Churchdown Library (2000-2001):

Handblown glass and lead window by artist Kim Jarvis, with local community groups.

Coney Hill Primary School (2005):

Playground design and carved sculptures by Steve Geliot.

Cotswold Water Park (2001 continuing):

Bulrush bridge, designed by Michael Fairfax, 2004.Cotswold Water Park, Gloucestershire.

Integration of Cats Eyes sculptures into new cycle-footpath, along Western Spine Road of Waterpark. Designed by Michael Fairfax as part of strategic development/collaboration by Genius Loci for arts in the Waterpark. Other Cats Eyes artists are Paul Mason, Alison Cockcroft and Tim Carroll. The Gateway Visitor Centre has a new relief commission by Cathy Miles. Stroud based artist, Dominic Thomas, completed a European journey (Year of Fresh Water 2003), during which he explored projects in which artists worked with or researched issues of water, with a report produced in 2004.

Cotswold Way National Trail Twelve Pauses (2002):

Twelve Pauses in Three Woods along the Cotswold Way National Trail by artist-poet Tom Clarke. Each consists of a transparent plaque located on a site or gate with a short distinctive text inscribed on it.

Dunalley School, Cheltenham (1997-1999):

Secret Garden, environmental sculpture by Tracy Hager, 1998.Dunalley School, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Door to Secret Garden, designed by Tracy Hager, fabricated by Justin Croften and Jez Heeler, 1997/99.Dunalley School, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Collaborative commission with architects WS Atkins for a mixed media Secret Garden in the new school, resulting from work by Tracy Hager, with the children of Dunalley School.

Dursley Library (2003-5):

Artist Colin Reid was appointed first and helped to select architects,Ridge & Partners. Artist and architects have collaborated on thedesign of the new building and the commission proposals.

FLOW (2005):

This public art partnership project was created as a result of the County Council Percent for Art on the South West Bypass and the Gloucester City Docks Regeneration Programme. Gloucestershire County Council, Gloucester City Council, British Waterways, South West Regional Development Agency and Public Art South West pooled their resources to commission architect/artist group muf to collaborate with the urban design planners, Gillespies, on the masterplan for the Docks. Art is now both part of the masterplan and a separate public art strategy. FLOW then commissioned local artist, Paul Harper, to explore the feasibility of the artist's work places in the Docks. A capital Lottery bid has been successful and subsequently Andrew Stonyer was appointed as lead artist.

Heart of the Forest Community Special School (2005/6):

Internal Sculpture and Camera in the Forest by Andrew Stonyer brings images of wildlife into the school. Forest images in lenticular light boxes by Mark Pedersen and a digital installation by Damien Robinson.

Hopebrook School, Longhope Village (2003):

Interactive sound, mural, sculpture installation in music courtyard of new Hopebrook C of E School by Jony Easterby. Work developed out of Creative Arts Week with staff and children, and collaborations with a dancer, sponsored by Gloss.

Lakefield School, Frampton-on-Severn (2000-2002):

Artists' residencies helped to find ways to link communities from two schools planned for amalgamation. Ideas from a community treasure trail were integrated in two commissions in the new school, using the children's images faithfully. These were decorative glazing in the main hall by Heather Marshall and interactive audio work and ceiling mobile in the main entrance lobby by Helen Turner.

Longlevens Library (2006):

Sonic Vessel, a sound artwork by Robin Blackledge opened spring 2006.

Mickleton Primary School (2006):

Stone Rainbow by Nigel Cann to be installed summer 2006.

Milestone School (2000-2002):

The design of pathways through the Earthworks was developed with staff to provide a challenging but safe landscape for children with severe learning difficulties. Consists of a ridge and furrow land form, intersected by giant stitches of texture and colour, 'stitching' together the paths and grass. Artist Mike Fletcher. Also Man and Beasts, painted aluminium kinetic fountain by Kristy Wyatt-Smith.

Quedgley Library (2006):

Artist, Andrew Revell, worked with the architects on this new contemporary design. This was the first Gloucestershire County Council Percent for Art commission.

Stroud Youth Centre (2005):

External wooden shelter with interactive lighting by Mark Pedersen, with Jony Easterby.

Contacts for Gloucestershire County Council Percent for Art/Public Art Strategy:

Helen Owen, County Arts Officer.

Tel: 01452 425079 Email:[email protected]

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust (2002-5):

Link to larger image: Glass window by Clare Hudman with pupils from Linden Primary School. Dermatological Department, Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. Link to larger image: 'We Care' by Ralph Hoyte and Steve Joyce. Main entrance, Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. Link to larger image: 'As the Crow Flies', panorama of Gloucester by Anna Heinrich and Leon Palmer. Link corridor, Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

The Leading the Way project was a programme of integrated public art commissions and artist residencies to enhance the new Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. The artworks act as landmarks and focal points which contribute to way-finding around the hospital, create a welcoming, personal and human environment reflecting familiar and local connections and establish a child-focussed environment within the Children's Centre and other children's areas. The eighteen commissioned artists worked with more than 500 staff, patients and local children. The Gloucestershire Royal Hospital 's Artist in Schools Programme (GRASP) supported 5 primary school artist residencies which built links to five different hospital departments, enabling the children to learn more about the hospital and resulting in small scale works for the participating departments.

Commissions include: Bollards and inlays from recycled materials by David Watson, installed on paths to the Children's Centre; 'Silence Makes the Heart Leap' by Ralph Hoyte and Steve Joyce incorporating text drawn from the diverse cultures the hospital serves; Ceramic panels by Duncan Hooson in treatment rooms; Children's Centre Welcome Wall mosaic by Marion Brandis with children from the hospital and Windon Primary School; 'Up Up Up!' A two storey light work for the Children's Centre by Andy Hazell; 'Wacky Races' by Louise Gardiner based on machine embroidered cartoons; 'One in a Million', a digital artwork by Simon Ryder documenting those who supported the Children's Centre; 'As the Crow Flies', the Gloucester Panorama by artists Heinrich & Palmer; Vinyl floor designs by Susan Kinley; Thirty-three wall mounted bedside cabinets by Beatriz Matud; and 'Play Boat' by Touchwood Enterprises (Nick Sneller & Joe Cooper).

Artworks resulting from GRASP projects include: A series of mobiles developed by Jamie Gutch for the Ophthalmology Department with children from the Milestone School; 'Aeiou', an installation of cut Perspex vowels in the Audiology and Ear, Nose and Throat Departments, by Anabelle Craven Jones and Littledean Primary School; Mosaics in the Trauma & Orthopaedic waiting areas and plaster room, by Natasha Rampley and Holy Trinity Primary School; 'Marine Art', a virtual aquarium by Natasha Rampley with children from Tewkesbury Primary School; Stained glassworks in the Dermatology Department by Clare Hudman with Linden Primary School.

Contact: Jane Willis, Willis Newson Arts Consultants

Tel: 0117 924 7617 Email: [email protected]


South Gloucestershire

Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust (2005):

Link to larger image: Tree from stainless steel and glass by Kate Munro, 2005. Medium Secure Services Unit (Fromeside), Blackberry Hill, South Gloucestershire. Link to larger image: Ash Tree Project: Furniture in reception area by Nick Sneller and Tom Redfern, Forest of Avon Co-operative, 2005. Medium Secure Services Unit (Fromeside), Blackberry Hill, South Gloucestershire. Link to larger image: Water feature, ceramic 2D sculptures and lighting sculpture by Kate Aplin and Jermey Lord, 2005. Medium Secure Services Unit (Fromeside), Blackberry Hill, South Gloucestershire.

Phase I of the Moving On project includes5 commissions for the new clinician-designed Medium Secure ServicesUnit (Fromeside), Blackberry Hill, South Gloucestershire . This ispart of a £500,000 programme of integrated artists' commissionsto enhance new facilities being developed across the Avon area of theAvon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust (AWP).

The works at Fromeside include: Entrance glazing by architectural glass designer-maker Martin Donlin using over 40 sqm of glazing made from antique mouth-blown glass; 'Ash Tree Project', a reception desk, bench seating, planters and ward signs for the reception area made from one single ash tree felled on the site before building work commenced, made by Nick Sneller and Tom Redfern of Forest of Avon Co-operative; Site specific sculptures for two internal courtyard by artist Kate Munro; A water feature, ceramic 2D sculptures and lighting columns made by a collaboration between ceramic artist Kay Aplin and lighting artist Jeremy Lord; and a stained glass window and three textile wall works by Susan Kinley for the multi-faith room at the hospital.

Contact: Jane Willis, Willis Newson Arts Consultants.

Tel : 0117 924 7617 Email: [email protected]


‘The Chain and the Wheel’ earthworkby Lorna Green

Lorna Green, The Chain and the Wheel, 1994-2003, adjacent to the final link of the Avon Ring Road, Bristol.

A4174 Ring Road Stage II

‘The Chain and the Wheel’ forms the spectacular centrepiece or ‘spine’ of a series of celebratory contemporary work commissioned by Avon and South Gloucestershire Councils across a major new development site.

The public artworks, created by a range of artists including Walter Jack, Pauline Monkcom, John Thompson and Phil Power enhance the cycle and pedestrian routes, and encourage their use by local people.

Lorna Green’s Chain and Wheel is one of the largest earthwork sculptures in the world, at over half a mile long and runs alongside the A4174. The design is based on the industrial chain and the split coal wheel, both important local features. Cycle tracks and footpaths, carefully designed planting and seating give views over the surrounding countryside. The forms of the earthwork constantly change with the seasonal variations of light.

Contact: Alison Catlin, Arts Development Officer, South Gloucestershire Council, Tel: 01454 865835 Email: [email protected].

South Gloucestershire Council

South Gloucestershire Council has been very active in commissioning public art. Below is a small selection of projects.

Barley Close Playing Fields Revitalisation:

Artist Neil Purcell working with school and residents to produce landscaping, planting, seating and sculpture scheme.

Bradley Stoke Library and Leisure Centre (1999):

Artwork for meeting room and creche by artist Luci Gorell Barnes. Stained glass features in library by Celia Frank and Jake Pegg of Opus Glass, working with poet Alyson Hallett.

Cribbs Causeway Regional Shopping Centre (1998):

Olympus, earthwork sculpture by Lorna Green, 1998.Cribbs Causeway, Gloucestershire.

Inside the Mall:

The Obelisk - carved obelisk by Aden Hynes, in centre of Food Court, is surrounded by a circle of standing stones, depicting various places of interest in the region.

The Architects - two full size upright figures inside the Mall, in bronze effect GRP, by Aden Hynes.

The Magic Fountaina programmed multi-nozzle fountain set in attractive granite-clad pool at Centre of Mall with intermittent 'bomb' burst shooting 25 metres to roof, by Crystal Fountains.

The Red Arrowsa flight of nine scale-model BAe Hawks performing barrel roll in Mall entrance foyer, by Space Models Ltd.

External features include:

The Hippo Family - mother and two baby hippos in yellow GRP, by Ian Bishop.

The Lollipop Tree – thirteen multi-coloured, wind-powered, revolving lollipops on metal tree stalk, by Richard Allen.

Cascade - water feature, 100 metres long, consisting of white water tiered fountain, tumbling steps, linear canal and final cascade with eleven jets, by Crystal Fountains.

Kaleidoscopeprogrammed, colour blended feature lighting projected onto laminated timber arch and fabric canopy over external piazza, by SLX Production Services Ltd.

Olympus - giant earth sculpture on 4.5 acres of land depicting the front of a Rolls Royce Olympus jet engine with sculptured fan blades and circular public picnic area, with fir tree as shaped nose cone, by Lorna Green.

Wessex Earthworks - a collection of earthworks set on public roundabouts, depicting some of the ancient earthworks found within the region, including granite standing stones, Long Barrow, Tumuli, Silbury Hill and Wood Henge, by Richard Allen.

Doddington, (near Yate) Underpass:

Mural by Pete Margerum and Caroline Black. Commissioner South Gloucestershire Council.

Emersons Green:

Badmington Park (2001):

Three sculptures by Carol Peace in bronze resin - one standing female figure 2.5m high, one of a seated person and the third of a kneeling man and woman embracing. Commissioners Taywood Homes.

Butterfly and Dragonfly Sculptures:

By artist Walenty Pytel, 30ft high burnished steel sculptures, installed on roundabouts on Westerleigh Road and off Ring Road (A4174). A consortium of commissioners, project managed by Harris & Porter Management Services.

Emerson's Way:

Metal panels featuring Owl and Pussycat poem. Designed by Gill Nash. Commissioners Mason Richards Partnership and David Wilson Homes.

Johnson's Road:

Artist Steve Joyce commissioned to provide central 'gateway' feature - time-line spiral Now & Then, in profile cut steel depicting the history of the local area, cast iron tree grills featuring castings of hands of local people and oak leaf design and cast iron pavement plaque. Local people and Mangotsfield Primary School involved in design generation. Commissioned by Persimmon and David Wilson Homes.

Library and Village Hall:

Residencies with artists Elizabeth Turrell, Catrin Jones, James Barber, Cluna Donnelly and Jon Bentley working with local community on a range of temporary and permanent public art features. Lead artist Ray Smith designed and fabricated brick features for external walls, suspended feature in Library, ceramic panels and site specific fencing.

Springfield Gardens:

Artist Kevin Hughes produced metal fence panels with interactive hare and decorative bollard tops featuring children’s finger game. Green oak seat by artist Walter Jack. Commissioners Barratt Homes.

Standing Stones: Designed by Peter Wright, installed in Hamlet X. Commissioners Redrow Homes.


2000 Mural:

Artist Maxine Latham commissioned to work on design generation with local people and create five-panel mural. Commissioned by Filton 2000 Group.

Filton Roundabout (2003):

Major gateway sculptural feature by Oblique Partnership. Parallel project with local artists to explore public art visioning, design and implementation process, creating temporary works to complement the main sculpture.

Kingswood High Street Regeneration:

Three works commissioned by South Gloucestershire Council as part of the regeneration of Kingswood High Street. Circular pavement panels in cast iron by Seamus Staunton with local groups at the Whitfield Tabernacle, Moravian Church and Girls Workshop, are installed in the pavement. Artist Rod Harris worked with local schools, traders, shoppers and local residents to generate design work to be cast in brick relief, to provide carved brick seating. Seamus Staunton also designed a commemorative tree grill for Councillor Duncan MaCrae, in profile cut steel.

Longwell Green, Aspects Leisure Park:

Artists Diane Gorvin and Philip Bews commissioned to provide green oak and bronze gateway sculpture. Commissioners Aspects Leisure Partnership.

Ridings High School, Winterbourne:

Mosaic panels by Viz Arts and People.

Ring Road Stage II (2001):

South Gloucestershire Council has worked in partnership with artists, engineers and contractors to manage the public art projects to enhance the cycle and pedestrian routes. Work includes: The Chain and the Wheel earthworks sculpture by Lorna Green (see above for further details), Warmley Brook Bridge by John Thompson, Station Road & Stanley Road underbridges by Sebastian Boyesen, Shortwood Junction underbridges by Phil Power , green oak stiles by Walter Jack , ceramic plaques by Pauline Monkcom, Left Luggage Mangotsfield Junction by Pauline Monkcom, four green oak seats by Will Glanfield, seating by Frank Taylor and LAF Design, Kingsfield School waymarker by Val Steel, waymarkers by Kevin Hughes and Luci Gorrell Barnes with students from Mangotsfield Secondary School, seven cast iron signs by Kevin Hughes with Made for Ever and Cadbury Heath Youth Centres which feature poetry by Ben Okri, earthworks sculpture time capsule by Deborah Jones with Lorna Green and children from Mangotsfield Primary School.

Severn Beach Village (2003):

Artist Adrian Moakes was commissioned to provide a major gateway feature for commercial warehousing distribution centre.

Thornbury Heritage Trail:

Artist Stephen Daniels commissioned to provide a series of interpretation waymarkers and sculptural features identifying heritage interest points around the town. Commissioned by Thornbury Heritage Trail.

Warmley Gardens:

Paving slabs by artists Jacqueline Glynn, Luci Gorell Barnes and Julie Matthews, designed with local young people as part of Past Tense Present Sense Arts and Heritage Project.

Willsbridge Mill (1998):

Avon Wildlife Trust sculpture trail. Artists Pete Margerum and Kevin Hughes worked with local people to produce a series of sculptural features and leaf-shaped waymarker plaques and seating.


Heritage Centre:

Stained glass window by Celia Frank and Jake Peggs of Opus Glass. Young people were involved in design generation on this project.

Tyndalls Park:

Steve Joyce worked with local schools and residents to create two gates. Commissioned by Yate Town Council and Couth Gloucestershire Council.

Tesco's community ceramic tile mural:

By Viz Arts and People, with young people involved in design and fabrication of panels. Commissioners Tesco.

Contact for all commissions in South Gloucestershire Councilarea:

Martin Burton, Head of Arts & Libraries, South Gloucestershire Council,Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood, South Gloucestershire.

Tel: 01454 865782 Email: [email protected]


Arts Award (2005/6):

This project, with an award of £2000 and commissioned by StroudDistrict Council, is due for public unveiling in May 2006. There willbe a public element to the process in November when the short listedartists' portfolio will be open to the public to view and comment on.

Contact: Amar Dave, Head of Cultural Services, Stroud District Council.

Email: [email protected]

For further information email: [email protected]

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