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  • Agencies, Public Art Consultants and Lead Artists

    There are various specialist public art agencies and consultants in England, Scotland and Wales, who are able to advise on and manage all aspects of commissioning and Public Art/Percent for Art policy development.

  • Guidelines for Commissioning and Selecting Artists and Craftspeople

    Quality design within the built and natural environment is an issue of growing importance, with new initiatives stemming from central and local government and via bodies like the Commission for Architecture and Built Environment (CABE), Regional Development Agencies, English Partnerships etc.

  • Advice on Project Management

    There is a lack of practical advice on the skills needed in order to undertake project management within the field of public art. This paper aims to assist those wishing to appoint a project manager or undertake that role.

  • Commissioning Guidelines: Modus Operandi

    There is no single methodology for commissioning art for the public realm. These guidelines, prepared by Modus Operandi, recognise that every opportunity is different, and recommend that strategies for commissioning art should be as unique and site-specific as the artworks they seek to generate.

  • Undertaking a Commission: Guidance Notes for Artists

    Realising a public art commission is a complex affair, involving a wide range of interested parties: local politicians, planners, safety officers, the funding body, local community, local council, sub contractors and, not least, the artist.

  • Artists in the Public Realm Health and Safety

    Our society is an increasingly risk averse one, the consequences of which, at times, seem laughable, from the tales of trees being removed because of the danger posed by sodden leaves to the playground banning of the seemingly innocent game of conkers.

  • Be Prepared! Decommissioning Public Art

    It’s a sad fact that public artworks won’t last forever. Like most of the elements which make up our public realm, they deteriorate, become outdated, or need to be “redeveloped”.

  • Decommissioning Public Art: A Policy for East Kent Local Authorities

    This policy has arisen from an identified requirement by the East Kent Local Arts Partnership group.It has been researched as part of a larger project studying the practice of decommissioning public art on a national scale.

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