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The Effects of Healthcare Architecture and Art on Medical Outcomes


This report is the transcript of a presentation given by Prof. Roger Ulrich of Texas A&M University on the current state of research on the effects of healthcare architecture and art on medical outcomes, and to show examples of evidence-based design. It was organised by Arts Council England, the Royal Institute of British Architects and NHS Estates as a contribution to Architecture Week in 2003.

The presentation includes reference to Prof. Ulrich's own research into factors which hinder and those which assist recovery, including single rooms and the impact of stress and noise. He details a number of evidence-based design guidelines for reducing stress in the healthcare environment including fostering social support, fostering control and privacy, enabling physical activity and exercise, incorporating nature and using art to improve medical outcomes. The paper ends with a summary of the economic implications, outlining the case for better healthcare architecture. Prof. Ulrich's presentation is followed by a brief discussion by a panel including: Architect Richard Burton (Chairman), Dr Rosalie Lelchuk Staricoff (researcher into the Effects of the Visual and Performing Arts in Healthcare at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital), Richard Mazuch (architect and associate at RTKL Health Ltd) and Marc Chaimowicz (artist).

The paper includes illustrations shown during the presentation and a useful list of selected references.

Follow this link to read the full report.

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