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Over Easy


June 1996

David Metcalfe Associates (DMA) writes proposal for opening events for new Arc building. Suggests permanent commissions by artists including Richard Wilson (RW).

Sept 1996

Initial meeting between Director of Arc, RW, DMA and RHWL, architects for the new building.

Nov 1996

RW comes up with initial proposal for Over Easy, agreed by officers and RHWL.

Dec 1996

Proposal agreed by Board of Arc

Early 1997

Price and Myers (PM), structural engineers, engaged to work with RW, and with project team for the building design and construction.

April 1997

W S Atkins (WSA), mechanical engineers, undertake feasibility study into installation and operation of Over Easy.

June 1997

Study and costings for construction/installation approved by Board. Building Design Team decide that Over Easy should be installed by contractor responsible for curtain walling contract.

Autumn 1997

DMA presents risk assessment to Arc's Board regarding the budget for Over Easy. Board agrees to continue with the project.

Autumn 1997

Curtain walling contract out to tender with option to quote for construction and installation of Over Easy. Commercial Systems International (CSI) contracted for curtain walling and sculpture.

Early 1998

Fabrication of metal casing of Over Easy sub contracted to the Angle Ring Company.

June 1998

Crisis meeting with JLC, CSI, RHWL, WSA, DMA and the building project manager to resolve liability issues. Arc Board agrees to accept risk.

July 1998

Work scheduled to be installed, cancelled due to delays in design, fabrication and resolution of liability issues.

Sept 1998

Over Easy arrives and is installed.

Jan 1999

Over Easy completed, Arc is formally opened.

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