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Commissions for fixtures and fittings by seven designers and applied artists were integrated into the refurbishment of the Highland Printmakers Workshops' premises in Inverness, as a visual manifestation of the organisation's relaunch as, with a much wider visual arts remit. Peter Chang made a vibrant handrail, David Germond made a reception desk, Robert Kilvington designed laminated oak benches, Mike Malig made café furniture, Wendy Ramshaw created glass and metal door furniture for the main door, Richard Slee created designs for tableware and Andrew Tye made a balustrade and handrail for the upper gallery. Planning permission for a signage sculpture in neon was refused.

The project was a creative collaboration between the director of, the architects, Sutherland Hussey, and the Edward Marshall Trust, which issued the commissions brief, managed the selection process and also gave a significant financial award. As a result, the artists were well supported within an open and transparent process. Whilst commission budgets were relatively modest, there were additional budgets for travel, installation and photography, and the artists benefited from media interest and national awards for the project.