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Artists Brief

Highland Galleries, Inverness

Commissions Brief

The Edward Marshall Trust Project

A. Introduction

The Highland Galleries are located on Bank Street, overlooking the River Ness and the hills beyond.

The galleries provide a focus for exhibiting work by artists within the Highland region and also curate many Scottish and national exhibitions. They play an important role in providing facilities for education, printing and the sale of art and applied crafts within the Highland community.

Recently lottery approval was received to completely restructure the existing building to provide considerably increased exhibition space built to the highest standards of design.

The Edward Marshall Trust selected this project as an exciting opportunity to commission designers and artists to work alongside each other in designing certain fixed items within the proposed space. In so doing this should provide a unique opportunity for collaboration between the various creative disciplines.

B. The Brief

  1. The Display Shelf and Reception Desk

    The desk will be a focal point in the ground floor gallery and should accommodate a computer screen, keyboard, cash register, telephone and storage for limited amount of office materials. The desk is also a sales point. Provision must be included for packaging and wrapping a wide range of items on or near the desk or shelf.

    The display shelf should be capable of exhibiting a wide range of 2D and 3D applied artworks. Existing recesses should be considered as an integral part of this design.

  2. Flooring

    The flooring has been transferred to the building contract, however submissions of ideas are still welcome.

  3. Door Furniture

    A door handle or conceptual idea for the front door, (a single piece of glass with stainless kick plate). This item will play an important role in inviting people into the building, giving the gallery its identity. Internal door ironmongery will also be considered.

  4. Tableware

    For the ground floor seating areas, providing side plates, cups etc. An identifying mark for cutlery could be considered. The ware should be easily washable, relatively durable and economically replaceable with a guaranteed replacement price for at least three years. It might incorporate elements of the gallery's identity or link up with some of the other commissions.

  5. Gallery Seating

    Neutral and multi-purpose seating is required within the gallery space, (it could double up as a meeting room low table). The seating must be able to fit into the lift.

  6. Tables and Chairs

    3. no tables and 9. no chairs located on the ground floor adjacent to the main stair. The chairs should offer relatively comfortable seating for people wishing to drink coffee or read gallery information and magazines. The chairs should be suitable for compact storage and the tables be able to fit in the lift.

  7. Signage and Graphic Design

    A new logo, two external signs, (incorporated on the sides of the building to architects dimensions), and all graphic information which could relate to the colour scheme and other items within the gallery.

C. Programme

February 7th Closing date for applications.
February 17th Shortlist for commissions announced.
February 26/7th Meeting with shortlisted candidates in Inverness, (expenses paid), for detailed briefing.
March 28th Submission of sketch proposals followed by formal commissioning of approved proposals. (The commissioning body reserves the right not to appoint a candidate at this stage).
April 28th Submission of final detailed drawings.
August 29th Onwards... Work to be installed.
September 20th Gallery opening.

D. Budget

  • An overall budget for design, construction and management will be negotiated at the time of commissioning based on the estimated cost and nature of the work.
  • £400 will be awarded to shortlisted candidates to produce sketch proposals. Reasonable expenses will also be paid for the candidates to visit Inverness for initial briefing meeting. (Subsequent meetings may either take place in London or Inverness, according to convenience).
  • Overall budget for the gallery furnishings is expected to be in the region of £40,000.

Highland Galleries, Inverness

Application for Commissions (please complete clearly)


Contact Address...........................


Telephone / fax (including code)

I wish to apply for the following commission(s) itemised on the accompanying Brief, (1 - 7) ...

I enclose C.V. together with a set of 35mm slides illustrating at least 3 different completed commissions. (Slides must be referenced and accompanied by list giving description, project name, location, client, and date. Please supply S.A.E. of appropriate size for safe return of slides together with their protective packing).



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The Edward Marshall Trust

Watfrd Old Farm, 17 Cranley Road, Guildford. GU1 2EW

Closing Date - 7th February 1997

n. b. It is Trust policy, where appropriate, to encourage and support designers at an early stage in their career.