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The final out turn for the commissions programme for the commissions for the refurbished building was just under £90,000.

The eight selected artists were each given a design fee of £400, and following acceptance of their designs, they were allocated a fabrication budget, which included artist's fee, materials and any sub contracted fabrication processes. Artists were able to consult with the Director of if they felt the allocated budget was too small to achieve the commission. The budgets ranged from £3,000 for the 86 pieces of ceramic tableware to £7,000 for the balustrade in the upper gallery and £8,000 for the reception desk and display area and totalled £38,000 (excluding £5,000 originally allocated to the signage commission).

In addition to these fees and budgets, the expenses of the artists were paid for the initial briefing visit to Inverness, and for subsequent meetings to discuss designs and to install work (required where the work was attached to the fabric of the building). The costs for special fixings and installation of the works, and transportation costs of commissions from the artist's studio to the site were covered. The Edward Marshall Trust undertook a comprehensive liaison role relieving the artists of much of this burden and cost, and achieved a very high press and media profile and recognition for the project, including several national awards. The Trust also commissioned high quality photographs in order to publicise the commissions, and each artist received a set of the images.

In addition to the commissions by the eight artists, the architects designed secure display cases for the new gallery which was allocated to the commissions budget.

Design fees (8 artists x £400) £3,200
Fabrication costs and fees £38,000
Signage £1,000
Display cases (architect designed) £14,000
Installation costs (handrail, balustrade, door furniture, reception desk) £8,000
Administration, artists' travel costs, meetings, photography, advertisements/competition etc £25,000
Total £89,200