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Blue Carpet

Public opinion survey

General Summary of Results

  • Number surveyed 96
  • It was important to improve the area
  • Primary importance:- There should be seating with area of planting
  • Secondary importance:- Open area with Public Art/Exhibition
  • Street Performers were not important

Other Points from Survey

In general results were consistent between age group, sex and time of survey except in the following:-

  • Over 45 gave open, uncluttered aspect a higher ranking that general
  • Women and the age group 26-35 thought that public art was more important than general
  • Age group 26-35 scored café important while the 45 plus group ranked it not important. In general it was more important to midday than morning people
  • The over 26's said that Street Performers were not important while under 26's average result was neutral although evenly spread in the band range