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The Blue House, lJburg, Amsterdam


The Blue House is a pioneering artist-led project in IJburg, Amsterdam, a new urban district being developed on a cluster of man-made islands to the east of the city. Situated within one of the residential blocks, The Blue House has been taken off the market for four years on the initiative of artist Jeanne van Heeswijk. During this time it will act as a centre for cultural production, researching into and documenting the genesis and evolution of IJburg ’s community.

Artists, architects and creative thinkers of various nationalities are invited to live and work in the house on six month residencies, undertaking live research and producing artworks and projects which examine the evolving urban space and contribute to the building of community history and identity in an entirely new district.  In addressing these issues, the project has exposed serious flaws in the highly prescriptive and detailed planning methodology used in the development of IJburg.