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Poole Streetscape Manual


In 2001 the Government gave its support to the proposal to build a second bridge across Poole harbour. This signalled the go-ahead for the regeneration of adjacent brownfield land to create a new waterfront quarter. However, most of this land is privately owned. The Borough of Poole commissioned the landscape designers BBUK Landscape Architects, in collaboration with the smallGLOBAL group, with a Brief to produce a Streetscape Design Manual, to ensure that the overall character and quality of design within the project is maintained. In line with the Borough's Public Art Strategy, the Manual endorses an essential role for public art within the scheme, specifying requirements for its incorporation in development proposals. The artists Vong Phaophanit and Claire Oboussier, as members of the Streetscape Manual team, have created the concept of Pools of Light as an integral part of the design strategy.