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Code of Practice for the Visual Arts

A Code of Practice takes commonly-agreed principles of good practice and demonstrates why and how they should be applied.

a-n the Artists Information Company has published a Code of Practice for the Visual Arts with versions for artists and for organisations. It has been researched and written by Lee Corner and draws from the experiences of practising artists along with those of commissioners, curators and others with whom artists work.

The Code of Practice looks at the principles that underpin good practice and makes connections to features, profiles and practical guides on www.a-n.co.uk to show how they work in practice for artists and organisations.

It identifies four principles for good practice, where artists and those who work with them:

  • Contribute confidently
  • Prepare thoroughly
  • Collaborate creatively
  • Aim high

To read the full version, follow this link to www.a-n.co.uk and search for Code of Practice.

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