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National Policies: Northern Ireland

Public Art Handbook for Northern Ireland

The handbook contains the following sections:

  • Public Art in Northern Ireland: A brief synopsis
  • The Arts Council's Role and Funding Routes
  • The Commissioning Process
  • Types of Project: Single Works
  • Types of Project: Multiple Works
  • Types of Project: Integrated Arts Projects
  • Types of Project: Public Art in Healthcare
  • Types of Project: Community-Focused Projects
  • Types of Project: Temporary or Time-Limited Projects
  • Further Information: Contacts, Bibliography.
  • Appendix A: Arts Council of Northern Ireland's Public Art Policy
  • Appendix B: Arts Council of Northern Ireland's Commissioning Policy
  • Appendix C: Summary of Arts Council of Northern Ireland's Architecture and the Built Environment - Policies, Strategies and Action Document.

Follow this link to the Arts Council of Northern Ireland's website to download the full document in Adobe Acrobat Format: 4Mb

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