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South Gloucestershire Council

Reproduced by kind permission of South Gloucestershire Council


The pack is designed for developers and others considering commissioning public art within the Council area. It begins with a definition of public art and contains a series of useful information sheets covering the whole process.

What is Public Art

Public art can include sculpture, murals, graffiti art, tapestries, flags, craft, street furniture, decorative stone carving, joinery, metal, glasswork, brick work, land art, internal furniture, performance art, photography, digital projected installations and other media related work. Artistic involvement can also be used to influence building design, paving and landscape features, and can be used to address issues of place, identity and community. Such works may be permanent, temporary or celebratory. They should be integral to the development and its setting rather than 'add-ons'. The work should be in the public domain and accessible or visible to the public. Normal high standards of design and finish in developments should not be considered an adequate substitute for unique work.

Information Sheets in Pack

Why is public art important?

Public art or Percent for Art

How it works in South Gloucestershire

Identifying possible schemes

Involving Artists

Preparing a Brief

Working out the budget


Artists selection methods

Selection Procedures

Public Awareness and Involvement

Public Relations

Legal Aspects


For further information contact:

Trish McGrath, Arts Development Manager, South Gloucestershire Council, South Gloucestershire Council, Riverside Court, Bowling Hill, Chipping Sodbury BS37 6JX

Tel No. 01454 865834, Email: [email protected]

Information on Percentage for Art in South Gloucestershire is at www.southglos.gov.uk/arts/perforart/htm

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