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Dublin City Council

Policies and Strategies for Managing Public Art
Dublin City Council, Public Art Advisory Group, 2009


This Paper sets out proposals for the strategic management and programming of public art for Dublin City Council. It is intended to provide a clear framework which will formalise systems and structures for public art while giving scope for public art programming and commissions which will give established and emerging artists exciting and challenging opportunities to work while having an impact on the City and its public(s).


Public art has long been dominated by an emphasis on the visual and tangible, mostly because of the origins of the Per Cent for Art scheme in Ireland and because of a desire to commission ‘artistic features’ and permanent public sculpture to adorn buildings and infrastructural schemes. Since 1997 under direction from the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government and in particular since the publication of the National Guidelines for the Per Cent for Art Scheme in 2004, the understanding of public art has broadened to include all artforms and artistic disciplines. The development of interdisciplinary practices, working across artforms as well as with other fields of knowledge, including, science, planning, philosophy, geography, sociology, archaeology, etc, has given artists greater scope to draw on their enquiries and research, broadening the potential for public art to impact on the city.

Download the full Policies and Strategies Report as a Word document: 167KB

Dublin City Council Decommissioning Public Art Policy 2009

Official policy passed December 2009. Download here as a pdf document.

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