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South Norfolk Council

South Norfolk District Council adopted its Public Art Strategy in April 2005. As well as covering the context and rationale for public art within the Council's service, the Strategy includes examples of good practice, comparators at regional, national and international level, and appendices with a policy statement and a delivery action plan. A leaflet giving Guidance for Developers has also been produced.

Follow this link to download South Norfolk Council's public art strategy in Adobe Acrobat format: 570Kb

click here to download document [PDF format]

Follow this link to download South Norfolk Council's developers' guide to public art, entitled' Putting Public Art at the centre of Community Life', in Adobe Acrobat format: 700Kb

click here to download document Adobe Acrobat format]

Further details: Heidi Bellamy, Cultural Development Manager, Leisure, Culture and Countryside, South Norfolk Council. Tel: 01508 533979.

Email: [email protected] Website: www.south-norfolk.gov.uk

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