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  • 350 miles (2005)

    A collaborative book by writer Ken Worpole and photographer, Jason Orton, recording their shared fascination with the Essex coastline and its sense of place.
    Published by Essex Development and Regeneration Agency (ExDRA)
    Available from Essex County Council. Tel: 0845 600 7373.


  • Art at the Centre (2002)

    The publication highlights this groundbreaking initiative from Southern and South East Arts. Gives good practice approaches to a range of urban design issues and key topics.
    ISBN 0728709228.
    Published by Arts Council England. Tel: 0845 300 6200.

    Free download from www.artscouncil.org.uk

  • Art at the Met Office (2004)

    Commissioned artists looked at areas of shared subject interest, exploring the inter-relationships between art and science through collaboration with staff. The resulting works of art provide an insight into a variety of Met Office work activities.
    Published by the Met Office. Out of print.

  • Art in Public Places (1982)

    A survey of community-sponsored projects supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.
    By John Beardsley.
    Published by Partners for Liveable Places (now Partners for Livable Communities).
    Tel: +1 292 887 5990 Email: [email protected]


  • Artists and Places: Engaging creative minds in regeneration (2008)

    Provides practical advice for clients and developers, drawing together the lessons learnt from PROJECT, a two-year scheme in which artists were brought into the development process. Includes essays from prominent urban commentators and six case studies.
    Editor: Eric Holding. ISBN-13: 978 1846330209.
    Published by the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) and Arts & Business.
    Available only as a free download: www.cabe.org.uk

  • Ash and Silk Wall (1997)

    Documentation of project by Vong Phaophanit for the Thames Barrier at Greenwich , managed by Public Art Development Trust.
    By Greg Hilty and Claire Oboussier. ISBN 1898278059. ISBN-13: 978 1898278054.
    Published by Public Art Development Trust,
    Available from Cornerhouse Publications.
    Tel: 0161 228 7621. Email: [email protected]


  • Brilliant Cacophony (1998)

    Records a major project of contemporary art and architecture in Edinburgh's historic Royal Mile.
    Editor: Lise Bratton, Ken Cockburn. ISBN: 0951614657. ISBN-13: 978 0951614655.
    Published by Scottish Sculpture Trust. Out of print.

  • British Waterways - The Arts and their Contribution (2004)

    Publication profiling the range of projects delivered through the Arts Development Action Plan and the direct contribution that the arts can make in delivering key priorities and objectives of British Waterways. Includes a CD-ROM containing evaluation reports and project information sheets.
    Published by British Waterways. Out of print.

  • Chatham Vines (2006)

    Limited edition hardback artist's book documenting John Newling's award winning Chatham Vines installation in St John's Church, Chatham, Kent.
    Text by Paul Bonaventura, Mark Bradbury, Rachel Jacobs, Laura Knight, Louise Francis, Peter Lock, John Newling, Andrew Spira and Isabel Vasseur.
    ISBN: 0954360818.
    Published by ArtOffice.
    Tel: 020 8348 2989. Email: [email protected]


  • City Art: New York's Percent for Art Program (2005)

    Comprehensive photographic documentation of New York 's Percent for Art Programme since 1983.
    By Eleanor Heartney. ISBN: 185894290X. ISBN-13: 978 1858942902.
    Published by Merrell Publishers Ltd.
    Tel: 020 7928 8880. Email: [email protected]


  • Commissions East (2006)

    This publication describes some of Commissions East's most recent projects as well as the services they offer to commissioners and artists.
    Published by Commissions East, St Giles hall, Pound Hill, Cambridge, CB3 0AE.
    Tel: 01223 356882. Email: [email protected]


  • Commissions in the North of England 2000 - 2003 (2003)

    Illustrated review of commissions since 2000.
    ISBN: 07287 0937 6.
    Published by Arts Council England.
    Available free from Marston Book Services Ltd.
    Tel: 01235 465500. Email: [email protected]


  • Contemporary Crafts in Museums (1995)

    Studies of commissioning in the context of local authority museum building and refurbishment.
    Editor: Anne Channon. ISBN 0950 1228 82.
    Published by Southern Arts. Out of print.

  • Cultural Mapping (2005)

    Fifteen site specific artworks were commissioned as part of this 5 year public art programme to mark entrances, significant sites, and routes through Leicester. The vision was to develop a distinct character for the city, but with identifiable local differences.
    ISBN: 0954450426.
    Published by Leicester City Council.
    Available from Arts Services, Leicester City Council.
    Tel: 0116 252 8977. Email: [email protected]


  • Decade 1990-2000

    Ten years of art and regeneration in Cardiff . ISBN 09527802 4 0.
    Published by Cardiff Bay Arts Trust. Out of print.

  • Deep Navigation (2001)

    Charting the 'secret history' of Cardiff's Oval Basin Dock and Stefan Gec's subtle approach to his permanent work installed at the Basin, this book provides a unique insight into a fascinating project. Essays by Wiard Sterk, Paul Bonaventura and David Jenkins.
    By Stefan Gec. ISBN 09527802 3 2.
    Published by CBAT Publications. Out of print.

  • Designer Habitats (1995)

    The role of the artist and craftsperson in contemporary craft and design.
    ISBN 090711430X.
    Published by Collins Gallery, University of Strathclyde. Out of print.

  • Diversity (2003)

    Records an year-long informal residency at the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail by artists Erika Tan and Jane Spray exploring how the landscape and its social and cultural context affect people.
    By Erica Tan and Jane Spray.
    Published by the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trust.
    Email: [email protected]


  • Four Shores - Artworks for the Isle of Sheppey (2005)

    Catalogue of a project to reveal the natural history and cultural legacy of the Isle of Sheppey on four existing public rights of way between Sheerness, Warden Point, Leysdown and Harty. Lead artist Stephen Turner worked with a creative team comprising poet Ros Barber, architect Simon Barber and filmmaker Abbe Leigh Fletcher. Illustrated. Includes a DVD documenting the project and interviews with the artist team.
    Essays: Stephen Turner, Nicola Barker and Simon Barker. ISBN: 0955046718.
    Published by Four Shores, c/o Medway Swale Estuary Partnership.
    Available from Medway Swale Estuary Partnership.
    Tel: 01634 338891. Email: [email protected]


  • Further Up in the Air (2003)

    Published alongside the project Further Up in the Air curated by Neville Gabie and Leo Fitzmaurice, which brought contemporary art practice to Liverpool?s highest building in the form of a series of month long residencies for artists and writers spanning two years.
    ISBN: 0954577809.
    Published by Further a Field.
    Available from Cornerhouse Publications.
    Tel: 0161 200 1502. Email: [email protected]


  • Groundbreaking - the artist in the changing landscape (2005)

    Contains essays by a number of writers and striking images of Cywaith Cymru projects over the last 25 years. The essays do not just describe the projects but are also intelligent analytical discourses about history, ideas, politics and motivations.
    Editor Iwan Bala. ISBN: 1854113410
    Published by Seren, in collaboration with Cywaith Cymru : Artworks Wales.
    Available from Safle.
    Tel: 0845 2413684. Email: [email protected]


  • Hackney Wick Public Art Programme (2003)

    Report on a five year programme of public art commissions delivered by Hackney Adult and Community Learning, The Learning Trust, on behalf of Hackney SRB Partnership 1997-2003.
    Published by The Learning Trust.
    Available from Cultural Programme Officer.
    Tel: 020 8356 2919. Email: [email protected]

  • King's Wood: A Context (2005)

    A publication celebrating the first 10 years of Stour Valley Arts in Kings Wood, Challock.
    Texts by: Doreen Massey, Jenny Uglow, Joy Sleeman, Jeremy Theophilus, Sandra Drew and Liz Kent.
    Editors: Liz Kent, Sandra Drew. ISBN 09535 3409X
    Published by Stour Valley Arts.
    Available from Cornerhouse Publications.
    Tel: 0161 228 7621. Email: [email protected]


  • Lux Europae (1993)

    Outdoor light installations by 35 European artists across the city of Edinburgh in 1992. Lux Europae was undertaken as a lesson in cultural co-operation.
    Editor: Tom Eccles. ISBN: 0952105802.
    Published by Lux Europe Trust.
    Available from Art Office. Tel: 0207 483 3133. Email: [email protected]


  • Moor Art: public art enriching public spaces - a case study (2004)

    This publication celebrates creative opportunities for art in public spaces based on a project involving artist-designed seating and other works for the Moor area of Falmouth.
    By David Buurma, Alastair Fuad-Luke and Polly Mason.
    Published by Mor Design Ltd, Falmouth Ambulance Building, Quarry Hill, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 2BP.


  • New Art for the Historic Environment (2002)

    This publication describes the remarkable ways in which contemporary practitioners have helped to change our perspective of the historic environment. It highlights these achievements through case studies and draws attention to the possibilities of commissioning for future projects.
    Editors: Simon Olding, Ben Heywood, Janet Barnes
    Jointly commissioned by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Arts Council of England and the Crafts Council.
    Available from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Email: [email protected]

  • New Land Marks: Public Art, Community and the Meaning of Place (2001)

    The book documents the Fairmount Park Art Association?s public art programme, addressing such questions as: What will we leave for future generations? What is it about a community that might inspire a work of art? Can that art give meaning to our public spaces?
    Essays by Ellen Dissanayake, Thomas Hine, Lucy Lippard, Penny Balkin Bach. Editor: Penny Balkin Bach. ISBN: 0967914345. ISBN-13: 978 0967914343.
    Published by HarperCollins Design International.


  • New Thinking in Public Art: Habitat/Community/Environment (2006)

    A series of three titles exploring the increasing integration of artists in regeneration initiatives, published by Article Press and ixia.
    As big as a house
    Richard Woods' first book-based artwork maps urban habitats, examining branding and vernacular languages within cities and towns. Includes an interview with the artist and essay, The Manufacturing of Authenticity, by Sarah Chaplin and Eric Holding.
    Editors assisting Richard Woods: Noha Hasser and Gavin Wade. ISBN: 1873352395.
    If you can't find it, give us a ring
    Public Works revisit the Park Products project, and take up the theme of community by exploring the space of networks, especially the informality of those found in institutions and public space. Includes an interview with Andreas Lang and Kathrin Bohm and an essay by Diona Petrscu, Working towards a real public space.
    Editors assisting Public Works: Janet Hodgson and John Butler. ISBN: 1873352298.
    Collective Space
    Lucy and Jorge Orta's project explores the concept of neighbourhoods and the street as an environment where social exchange takes place. Includes an interview with Lucy Orta and an essay by Paul Chatterton, Retro-fitting the Corporate City: Five Principles for Urban Survival.
    Editors assisting Lucy and Jorge Orta: Nigel Prince and Jayne Bradley.
    ISBN: 1873352344.
    Available from ixia. Tel: 0121 753 5301. Email: [email protected]


  • Off Limits: 40 Artangel Projects (2002)

    A celebration of the last ten years of Artangel, which has been responsible for commissioning some of the most important artwork of recent years. Of huge relevance to anyone interested in the broader issues of contemporary art.
    By James Lingwood, Michael Morris. ISBN: 1858941873. ISBN-13: 978 1858941875.
    Published by Merrell Publishers Ltd.
    Tel: 020 7928 8880. Email: [email protected]


  • Open space: Art in the public realm in London 1995-2005 (2007)

    Showcasing inspirational examples of art in public spaces from artist-designed bridges to temporary performances in Tube stations, this publication looks at a broad selection of the possibilities and contexts within the public realm.
    ISBN: 0728713241. ISBN-13: 978 0728713246.
    Published by Arts Council England and Central London Partnerships
    Available from Central Books.
    Tel: 0845 458 9911. Email: [email protected]


  • Opening Lines: New Contexts for Artists' Projects (1997)

    For art professionals and those in related fields wishing to work with artists - commissioners, urban and regional planners, architects and structural engineers - anyone who is interested in working across the boundaries of different disciplines and professions. Includes 4 case studies.
    By A Raftery, London Arts. Out of print.
    Published by London Arts.

  • People Making Places: Imagination in the Public Realm (2004)

    This book tracks the two year People Making Places architecture, art and built environment programme in Yorkshire , managed bv Public Arts . It records over 25 seminars, events, workshops and arts-based street transformations, and includes articles discussing the ideas behind the programme, setting it into the context of national policy and practice.
    Editor: Robert Powell. ISBN: 0954074815. ISBN-13: 978 0954074814.
    Published by Public Arts (now Beam).
    Tel: 01924 215550. Email: [email protected]


  • People, Identity and Place (2005)

    This publication details eleven artist-led action research projects commissioned from 2001 to 2005 by Public Art - West Midlands, now called Longhouse. Text by the artists.
    Published by Longhouse, www.longhouse.uk.com
    Follow this link to download the publication in Adobe Acrobat format: 2.70 Mb

  • Phoenix: Architecture, Art and Regeneration (2004)

    Charts the extraordinary masterplan for the regeneration of Coventry , designed by architects MacCormac Jamieson Prichard, with arts commissions managed by commissioning agency, Modus Operandi.
    By Louise Campbell and Richard Cork. ISBN: 1904772226.
    Published by Black Dog Publishing.
    Tel: 0207 713 5097. Email: [email protected]


  • Placing Art: A Colloquium on Public Art in Rural, Coastal and Small Urban Environments (2002)

    The innovative public art programme, Placing Art, piloted six projects in order to consider a longer-term public art strategy for the area. This led to an international colloquium in December 2000 to review the works and to consider other experiences, case studies and approaches to public art.
    Editor: Prof Liam Kelly. ISBN 0953970418.
    Published by Sligo County Council and Sligo Borough Council, Ireland. Out of print.

  • Placing Art: A Pilot Public Art Programme (2000)

    Documents the Placing Art pilot public art programme that pushed the boundaries of local authority public art initiatives in Ireland to date. It records the process and outcomes of the programme, looking at six public art projects in widely varying locations, each involving contemporary visual arts practice and community engagement.
    Essay by Gavin Murphy and text by the commissioned artists. ISBN: 095397040X.
    Published by Sligo County Council, Market Yard, Sligo, Ireland.
    Tel: +353 71 9111983. Email: [email protected]


  • Placing Art: A Report on the evaluation of the pilot public art programme Placing Art by the Public Art Steering Group (2002)

    This report is the outcome of the evaluation of the public art action research pilot programme, Placing Art.
    ISBN 0 953970434.
    Distributed by Sligo County Council, Ireland. Out of print.

  • Platform for Art: Art on the Underground (2007)

    This book explores the heritage and development of art on the London Underground and showcases works by many of the participating artists. These include Cindy Sherman, Janette Paris, David Shrigley, Bob and Roberta Smith, Emma Kay, Gary Hume and Liam Gillick.
    By Alex Coles. Introduction by Tamsin Dillon.
    ISBN-13: 978 1 906155 06 3; ?19.95
    Published by Black Dog Publishing.
    Tel: 0207 713 5097 Email: [email protected]


  • Plop: Recent Projects of the Public Art Fund (2004)

    Features projects by 45 internationally acclaimed artists whose installations in New York City were made possible by the Public Art Fund. It examines the diverse ways in which artists have created a participatory experience of contemporary art in public spaces.
    By Tom Eccles. ISBN: 1858942470. ISBN-13: 978 1858942476.
    Published by Merrell Publishers Ltd.
    Tel: 020 7928 8880. Email: [email protected]


  • Pride of Place (2002)

    Looks at the wider impact of ?1 billion arts lottery investment over a six year period - the arts buildings renovated and award winning new ones built, the largest new programme of public art for a century, and the thousands of smaller projects throughout the country. Fifty projects have been selected from a wide variety of funded schemes including drama, music, dance, public art and literature.
    Editor: Alex Stetter. ISBN: 1902854160.
    Published by Arts Council England and August Media Ltd.
    Available from Marston Book Services Ltd.
    Tel: 01235 465500. Email: [email protected]


  • Promenade - an architectural collaboration for Bridlington (2001)

    Documents the successful architect-artist collaboration of Irena Bauman and Bruce McLean on the RIBA award-winning scheme for the regeneration of Bridlington's seafront. The book is structured as a walk along the promenade from the urban order of the town to the wild shores to the south. Also includes essays by Mel Gooding on the culture and architecture of the British seaside.
    ISBN: 095392000.
    Published by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.
    Available from Cornerhouse Publications.
    Tel: 0161 200 1502. Email: [email protected]


  • Public Art - People, Projects, Process (1997)

    Thorough case studies of visual and applied arts projects recently completed or currently in progress in London and the South of England, this book sheds light on current developments.
    By Eileen Adams. ISBN: 0907730361.
    Published by London Arts Board, Public Art South West, Southern Arts and South East Arts. Available from Public Art South West, Arts Council England, South West, Bradninch Place, Gandy Street, Exeter EX4 3LS. Out of print.

  • Public Art - The New Agenda (1993)

    Transcript of a conference, covering the current status of public art and potential new directions, drawing on contemporary practice in the UK, USA France and Spain.
    Editor: Valerie Holman.
    Published by University of Westminster. Out of print.

  • Public Art at the Community School of Auchterarder (2007)

    The public art programme at The Community School of Auchterarder is the most extensive of its kind in any Scottish School. Developed with no less than five Scottish Arts Council lottery grants, the aim of the project was to create imaginative and stimulating learning environments for the pupils and the community.
    Published by Pace Projects.
    Email: [email protected]


  • Public Art in Philadelphia (1992)

    The book offers a unique tour of both the familiar and overlooked public art work, which gives meaning to the public environment, reconnects art to daily life and is a reminder of what was considered important to previous generations.
    By Penny Balkin, Executive Director, Fairmount Park Art Association. ISBN: 0877228221.
    Published by Temple University Press. Out of print.


  • Public Art in Private Places (1993)

    Commercial benefits and public policy. Research into the contribution public art makes to the property market.
    By Roberts, March and Slater. ISBN: 1859190200.
    Published by the University of Westminster. Out of print.

  • Public Art in Public Transport (2005)

    A guide to show the range of installations around the West Midlands, for those travelling around the region by public transport.
    Published by Centro (the West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive) and the West Midland Passenger Transport Authority (WMPTA).
    Available from Centro, Centro House, 16 Summer Lane, Birmingham B19 3SD.


  • Public Art in the South East (2003)

    A survey and case studies of public art in the south east region of England , plus The Case for Public Art and a Good Practice Guide.
    Published by Arts Council England, South East and the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA). Out of print.

  • Public Art In Vancouver: Angels Among Lions (2009)

    John Steil (Author), Aileen Stalker (Author)
        * Paperback: 192 pages
        * Publisher: TouchWood Editions (March 2009)
        * Language: English
        * ISBN-10: 1894898796
        * ISBN-13: 978-1894898799

    Featuring more than 500 public art installations, this is the first comprehensive guidebook to explore Vancouver's urban treasures. The character of a city is revealed by the public art that neighborhoods and residents collectively place on streets and walls and in their public spaces.

    As a city known internationally for its breathtaking cityscapes and mountain backdrop, Vancouver has much to offer visually including the diverse and thriving public art in the city's neighborhoods. Engaging color photos and detailed descriptions that focus on the historical and cultural context of each art piece, its place in modern art and the artist who created it allow for a greater understanding of these urban treasures.

    Easy-to follow maps take readers to communities and destinations such as False Creek, Chinatown, the West End, Downtown, East Vancouver, VanDusen Garden, Stanley Park and the University of British Columbia. Tour the better known and the unknown art installations that are made from every possible media and include monuments, paintings, murals, tapestries, figures, First Nations art, relics, busts, fountains, gateways, mosaics, sculptures and reliefs.

  • Public Art Report (1990)

    Case studies of local authority commissions of art for public places and local authority public art policies.
    By Phyllida Shaw, Public Art Forum.
    Published by Public Art Development Trust. Out of print.

  • Public: Art: Space (1998)

    Showcases a selection of over twenty public art projects, organised by the Public Art Commissions Agency (PACA). The book also explores public art collaborations between artists and architects.
    Introduction by Vivien Lovell, essay by Mel Gooding. ISBN: 1858940486.
    Published by Merrell Holberton. Out of print.

  • Quaking Houses (1999)

    An examination of a collaborative project which designed and developed a pioneering wetland area that would clean up the waters of the Stanley Burn near the village of Quaking Houses.
    By Penny Kemp and John Griffiths. ISBN: 1897766572.
    Published by Jon Carpenter Publishing.
    Available from Central Books.
    Tel: 0845 458 9110. Email: [email protected]

  • Re Views: Artists and Public Space (2005)

    This publication addresses the subject of public art from the artist's perspective, emphasising process as well as the resulting work. It explores artists' roles in reflecting and creating public space through 10 projects initiated and managed by Artpoint commissioning agency. Includes commentaries from artists, curators, architects and design professionals.
    ISBN: 190477220X.
    Published by Black Dog Publishing.
    Tel: 0207 713 5097. Email: [email protected].

  • Scenario Atelier HSL (2001)

    Outline of an arts and culture programme around the Dutch high speed rail line, nearly 100 km long, which links the Netherlands to the European network. The art commissions and projects are based on seven themes around travel.
    By Mark Kremer and Michiel Schwarz
    Published by Atelier HSL, Postbus 1947, 1000 BX Amsterdam.


  • Sculpture in Bristol (2002)

    A survey of 70 selected sculptures in Bristol from the early 18th century to the present day, under four headings: Commemorative Sculpture and Monuments; Decorative Sculptures; Fountains and Water Features; Modern Sculptures. With an introduction looking at the considerations in commissioning public art.
    By Douglas Merritt. ISBN:1900178834.
    Published by Redcliffe Press Ltd.
    Tel: 0117 973 7207. Email: [email protected]


  • Shared Interest; Celebrating Investment In The Historic Environment (2006)

    The case studies in this booklet are a celebration of England 's best heritage-led development schemes. Each shows that with imagination and skill, old buildings can be given a new and positive future.
    By John Cannon.
    Published by English Heritage.
    Available from Gillards. Tel: 01761 4512966.

  • St Peter's Riverside Sculpture Project (1996)

    By P Shaw and I Thompson.
    Published by the Artist's Agency (now Helix Arts).
    Tel: 0191 241 4931 Email: [email protected]


  • STAR: A pyscho-topography of place (2006)

    This publication marks the conclusion of Jennie Savage?s 3-year exploration into the STAR (Splott, Tremorfa, Adamsdown and Roath) area of Cardiff. STAR Radio was broadcast for one week in October 2005 and included programmes made by a combination of 17 commissioned artists and the general public.
    Essays by Jenny Savage, Claire Doherty, Dr Tom Hall and Dr Brett Lashua, Matthew Yeomans, Andre Stitt and Wiard Sterk. Editor: Emma Shepherd.
    Published by CBAT (now Safle).
    Available from Safle. Tel: 0845 241 3684. Email: [email protected]


  • The Art of Placemaking: interpreting community through Public Art and Urban Design (2007)

    This book provides in-depth case studies of placemaking initiatives in the United States since 1990. It advocates the case for narrative, site-specific public art that engages the popular imagination and demonstrates how the integration of approachable art with landscape, architecture and urban design can facilitate identification with locale.
    By Ronald Lee Fleming. ISBN:185894371X. ISBN-13: 978 1858943718.
    Published by Merrell Publishers Ltd.
    Tel: 020 7928 8880. Email: [email protected]


  • The Destruction of Tilted Arc: Documents (1990)

    Editors: C Weyergraff-Serra, M Buskirk. ISBN: 0262730898. ISBN-13: 978 026230891.
    Published by The MIT Press, USA. http://mitpress.mit.edu. Out of print.


  • The Official Guide to Seattle's Public Art (1991)

    A field guide commemorating the rich legacy of Seattle's public art programme, chronicling the history and diversity of the city's Percent for Art ordinance. Five self-guided walking and motoring tours. Essays by well-known writers, artists and historians. List of 256 public art sites in Seattle.
    Editor: Diane Shamash. ISBN 0961744340.
    Published by Seattle Arts Commission. Out of print.

  • The Pits (2005)

    A publication documenting the permanent and temporary art programme at Canterbury Whitefriars commissioned by Land Securities including artworks by Janet Hodgson, Susan Collins, Simon Grennan and Christopher Sperandio, Marion Kalmus, Susan Shaw and Kenny Hunter.
    By Sam Wilkinson, Jane Rendell, Mark Houliston, Nick Davies, Jez Conan. ISBN: 0954730038.
    Published by SWPA Ltd 2005
    Available from InSite Arts. Email: [email protected]


  • The Westonbirt Wishes (2004)

    Published to celebrate and record a project by John Newling at Westonbirt Arboretum in summer 2003, when over 4,000 people participated in a project which enabled them anonymously to share their questions and wishes.
    By John Newling. ISBN: 0945730011. ISBN-13: 978 0945730017.
    Published by SWPA Ltd.
    Available from InSite Arts. Email: [email protected]


  • Thinking of the Outside - new art and the city of Bristol (2005)

    Six internationally acclaimed artists were commissioned by Bristol Legible City and Picture This in association with Situations in summer 2005 to make temporary new artworks responding to Bristol's historic landscape. This book offers analysis and evaluation of the scattered-site exhibition in context with essays, artists? interviews, documentation of the work in progress and the public's response.
    Edited by Clare Doherty. ISBN: 1860433774.
    Published by University of the West of England and Bristol Legible City in association with Arnolfini.
    Available from Situations. Tel: 0117 328 1459.


  • TSWA3D (1987)

    TSWA Four cities project: New work for different places (1990)
    Catalogues of the two TSWA Temporary Public Art projects in 1987 and 1990. Well illustrated with essays.
    Published by ACME, 44 Copperfield Road, Bow, London E3 4RR.
    Tel: 0208 981 6811. Email: [email protected]

  • Up in the Air (2000)

    An artist initiated visual arts project with 10 national and international artists living and working in a residential tower block before its demolition. These intensive residencies culminated in an exhibition of site-specific work at the block.
    Out of print.

    [email protected]

  • Urban Sanctuary

    A Public Art Work by Nathan Coley. ISBN: 0 9523565 7 0. Out of print.
    Published by The Armpit Press.

  • Writings by John Newling 1995-2005 (2005)

    Over the past ten years John Newling has adopted a method of working that sees him recording his thoughts, ideas and observations as a prelude to the production of art works. For Newling, this method of writing before producing work has become an essential research tool that sets the scene and defines the works. The notes have been edited into essays that form a reflective journal. Although each one relates to a specific artwork, they also stand alone as essays that ask questions of us all.
    Published by SWPA Ltd. ISBN: 094573002X. ISBN-13: 978 0945730024.
    Available from InSite Arts. Email: [email protected]


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