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Solid Waste Management Facility

Concept Questions

Prepared for the presentation to the Public Works Department of the Conceptual Design

The following are concept questions that guide our investigation:

The goal is to change ideas about waste.

  1. How is one engaged by the facility?

  2. On how many levels can one experience the facility?

  3. How do we recognize and heighten the sense of a place?

  4. How do we respond to the juxtaposition of the built and the natural?

  5. How can we unify internal and external aspects of the site.

  6. Does the facility transform ones thinking?

  7. How does the facility challenge preconceived ideas?

  8. Does the facility offer clarity?

  9. Does the facility make obvious its purpose (reveal) and at the same time obscure (conceal) by its layered meaning?

  10. Does the facility enhance the process of revealing, changing, transforming?

  11. Does the facility set a standard for the future?

  12. Will the facility be a place that one would want to return to?