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Solid Waste Management Facility

Percent for Art

Phoenix City Code

Article XXII Arts Funding

Sec. 2-700. Percent for Art Funding.

  1. Under the provisions of Section 2-194 (B) the Commission shall, as part of the annual budgetary process of the City, recommend to the City Manager and City Council, for inclusion in the capital budget pursuant to the Charter, an amount not to exceed one percent of the total capital improvement cost for each eligible capital improvement program, determined on a departmental program basis, to be expended upon art or art services under the provisions of this article and the annual art plan. If the recommended funding for an art project will extend over two or more fiscal years, the total amount expended on such art project over such two or more fiscal years shall not exceed one percent of the total capital improvement cost for the capital improvement program to which the art project is related. The amount of recommended funding up to one percent will be developed in conjunction with the department involved and the Budget and Research Department. For the purposes of the foregoing capital improvement cost determination, land acquisition, personal property and computer costs shall be excluded from the capital improvement cost base.
  2. The annual art plan shall include art project expenditures proposed for the ensuing fiscal years and projections for art project expenditures for the ensuing five fiscal years and shall be submitted prior to May 1 of each year. The Mayor and City Council will review these plans in a policy session. City Council may amend and approve the final plans to increase or decrease the amount allocated for art projects.
  3. Capital improvement program projects eligible for percent for art funding shall be those projects in which the inclusion of an art project is a legally permissible expenditure under the laws regulating the expenditure of funds for such capital improvement program projects, and which are identified by the Commission as appropriate for an art project. To the extent legally permissible, percent for art funds within a capital improvement program may be pooled on a departmental basis into one or more art projects.
  4. Each budget item request shall be accompanied by a general description of the type and nature of art project to be included in such expenditures from the amounts to be appropriated for the capital improvement program projects to which such art project is related. If an art project is not expected to be completed during the fiscal year to which the budget applies, the budget item request shall describe the portion or phase of the art project to be completed during the fiscal year.
  5. Upon approval by the City Council as part of the budget process of an appropriation for an art project, such appropriation shall be established within an appropriate account maintained by the Finance Department, Division of Accounts, and designated for the percent for art program. Such appropriations may be expended as normal appropriations are expended, upon the recommendations of the Arts Commission and City Manager and approval by the City Council in accordance with normal City budget and expenditure procedures, for the acquisition, design, and construction of art projects. The City Auditor shall periodically review expenditures made in connection with the percent for art program to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, bond and other debt obligations and covenants, and City administrative procedures.
  6. The Budget and Research Department in consultation with the Arts Commission Administrator and affected City departments shall annually allocate to an art preservation trust fund a portion of the percent for art funds for each program in the annual art plan. Monies allocated to this trust fund shall be used for the preservation of art projects purchased with percent for art funds.
  7. Costs incurred by the inclusion of an art project in a specific capital improvementproject, including, but not limited to, engineering fees, concrete bases and wiring shall be included in the percent for art budget for that specific capital improvement project.

Sec. 22-701. Placement of Art Projects.

Each art project recommended by the Arts Commission and approved by City Council for implementation pursuant to the provisions of this Article and any amendment thereto shall be placed at a site which relates substantially to the purpose of the bond, enterprise or other fund from which the percent for art funds are derived. Such art projects may be attached or detached within or about such site, and may be either temporary or permanent. Placement of an art project shall be recommended to the City Council by the Arts Commission, in the annual art plan, after consultation with the appropriate City department responsible for the funding of the capital improvement project or projects to which the art project is related. The department responsible for the funding of the capital improvement project or projects shall make appropriate space available for the placement of the related art projects. Art projects will be placed in full public view on City owned property unless an exemption is approved by City Council.