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Leeds General Infirmary

Public Information

Ward 11 Ceiling Light-box Artwork
by Photographer Kate Mellor

Kindly funded by TAKE HEART for The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Arts Programme

Patient Information

The ceiling light-box artwork in Ward 11 was especially commissioned to help provide a relaxing atmosphere for day-case patients.

The artist, Kate Mellor, is well-regarded for her photography of landscapes and wilderness. She is very concerned with the survival of natural environments and often uses her work to help us become aware of the beauty and interest in the natural habitats created by plant and animal life.

For this commission Kate looked at available medical research on stress and the environment. She used a visit to Tasmania to capture images which corresponded with features which, research indicated, lowered stress and which she hoped would lead patients' thoughts and feelings to pleasant and relaxing states of mind.

The images are printed on Duratrans by Chromagene, Leeds. Kate used a medium format Hasselblad camera with, mainly, Fuji Reala Film.

You may ask for the light-boxes to be switched off if you so wish.

If you would like further information please contact:-

Gail Bolland, Arts Co-ordinator, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, LGI HQ, Great George Street, Leeds LS1 3EX, Tel. (0113) 3926568, e-mail [email protected]