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  • Art and the Public Sphere (1992)

    How the role of public art has changed in the contemporary culture, and how changing conditions of public space and mass communications have altered the relationship between art and its potential audiences.
    Editor: WJT Mitchell. ISBN: 0226532119. ISBN-13: 978 0226532110.
    Published by University of Chicago Press.
    Tel: +1 773 702 7700. Email: [email protected]


  • Art for Public Places (1989)

    Critical essays examining current issues and practice in public art in the UK and abroad.
    Editor: Malcolm Miles. ISBN: 0950678384.
    Published by Winchester School of Art Press. Out of print.

  • Art in the Public Interest (1993)

    A collection of essays on the relationship between art and the public. A crucial resource for understanding new forms of public art such as video, billboards, street art, protest actions, oral histories and murals.
    Editor: Arlene Raven. ISBN: 030680539 1. ISBN-13: 978 0306805394.
    Published by Da Capo Press. Out of print.

  • Art U Need; My Part in the Public Art Revolution (2007)

    Written in diary form, Art U Need charts the movement of public art away from the construction of grand objects to carefully conceived projects that bear relevance to the communities and locales that they are aimed at, tackling issues surrounding the roles of funding bodies, self-expression and the public in public art today.
    By Bob and Roberta Smith. ISBN: 978 1 906155162.
    Published by Black Dog Publishing.
    Tel: 0207 713 5097. Email: [email protected]


  • Art, Space and the City - Public Art and Urban Futures (1997)

    This book explores creative tensions in the public realm, focusing on two roles for art: as decoration within re-visioned urban design and as a social process of criticism and engagement. Draws on critical perspectives from urban planning and design, sociology, cultural geography and critical theory.
    By Malcolm Miles. ISBN: 0415139430. ISBN-13: 978 0415139434.
    Published by Routledge. Tel: 020 7017 6000.


  • But Is It Art? The Spirit of Art as Activism (1994)

    Essays which focus on a variety of artistic and cultural practices that help define the 'art' of public art and the 'activism' of the activist artist.
    Editor: Nina Felshin. ISBN: 0941920 291.
    Published by Bay Press, Seattle. Out of print.

  • Contemporary Art - From Studio to Situation (2004)

    Collects together texts and interviews with key artists, curators and writers involved in the issue of context and site-specificity in the contemporary international art scene.
    Editor: Claire Doherty. ISBN: 1904772064.
    Published by Black Dog Publishing. Out of print.

  • Critical Issues in Public Art: Content, Context and Controversy (1998)

    22 artists, architects, historians, critics, curators and philosophers explore the role of public art in creating a national identity, only to be understood by analyzing the context in which it is commissioned, situated and seen.
    Editors: Harriet F Senie, Sally Webster. ISBN: 1560987693. ISBN-13: 978 1560987697.
    Published by Smithsonian Books, USA.
    Tel: +1 212 207 7950.


  • Culture Vultures: Is UK arts policy damaging the arts? (2006)

    This brings together experts who show that many official claims about the economic and social benefits of the arts are based on exaggeration, resulting in wasteful and ineffective social policies.
    Editor: Munira Mirza. ISBN: 0955190908.
    Published by Policy Exchange.


  • Decadent: Public Art - Contentious Term and Contested Practice (1997)

    Editors: David Harding, Pavel Buchler. ISBN: 0901904368. ISBN-13: 978-0901904362.
    Published by Glasgow School of Art.
    Tel: 0141 353 4500.


  • Desirable Places (2004)

    This new publication brings together texts offering interpretations of the relationship between art, people and place and the agendas shaping the design and delivery of public spaces.
    Commissioning Editor: ixia. ISBN: 1873352042.
    Published by Article Press.
    Available from Central Books.


  • Dialogues in Public Art (2001)

    Twenty interviews with the people who create and experience public art, divided into four parts: Controversies in Public Art, Experiments in Public Art as Architecture and Urban Planning, Dialogues on Dialogue-Based Public Art Projects and Public Art for Public Health. The introductory essay provides a concise overview of changing attitudes towards the city as the site of public art.
    By Tom Finkelpearl. ISBN: 0262561484. ISBN-13: 978 0262561488
    Published by The MIT Press. Tel: 020 7306 0603. Email: [email protected]


  • For Art's Sake? Society and the Arts in the 21st Century (2004)

    Explores the impact of investment in the arts on wider social goals, especially in the areas of education, mental health, community cohesion and offender rehabilitation. It identifies best practice and provides a shared language to demonstrate the added value of investment in the arts for both public and private sector supporters.
    Editor: Jamie Cowling. ISBN: 1860302335.
    Published by the Institute of Public Policy Research. Out of print.


  • Locus Solus: Site, Identity, Technology in Contemporary Art (2000)

    The publication features projects curated by Locus+ from 1993 to 2000 and draws from them a number of prevailing issues beyond the specifics of individual projects, explored by a diverse range of critics, writers and practitioners.
    By Julian Stallabrass, Pauline van Mourik Broekman, Niru Ratnam. ISBN: 1901033619. ISBN-13: 978 1901033618.
    Published by Black Dog Publishing.
    Tel: 0207 713 5097. Email: [email protected]


  • Mapping the Terrain: New Genre Public Art (1995)

    A set of essays covering installation, performance, site-specific work and other new public art manifestations which are frequently misunderstood. The book defines unifying elements of the 'new art' such as a strong social orientation, ecology and new technologies.
    Editor: Suzanne Lacy. ISBN: 0941920305. ISBN-13: 978 0941920308.
    Published by Bay Press, USA.


  • Offentliche Kunst, Kunst im Offenlichen Raum Niederosterreich / Public Art Lower Austria

    A series of publications, each covering a 2 year period, which include theoretical texts on issues in public art complemented by sections on temporary and permanent public art projects which have taken place in Lower Austria. German/English. Volumes 1-4 covering the years 1990 to 1998 are in German only and are published by ?sterreichischer Kunst-und Kulturverlag.
    Offentliche Kunst, Kunst im Offenlichen Raum Niederosterreich Band 4, 1995-1997/ Public Art Lower Austria Volume 4, 1995-1997 (1998)
    ISBN: 3854371438.
    Editor: Katharina Blaas-Pratscher. Various authors.
    Published by Osterreichischer Kunst-und Kulturverlag, Freundgasse 11, A-1040 Wien. Tel: +43 1 5878551. Email: [email protected]
    Later volumes in the series are published by Springer Vienna New York:
    Offentliche Kunst, Kunst im Offenlichen Raum Niederosterreich Band 5, 1997-1999/ Public Art Lower Austria Volume 5, 1997-1999 (2000)
    ISBN: 3211834169: ISBN-13: 978 3211834169.
    Offentliche Kunst, Kunst im Offenlichen Raum Niederosterreich Band 6, 1999-2001/ Public Art Lower Austria Volume 6, 1999-2001 (2002)
    ISBN: 321183723X. ISBN-13: 978 3211837238.
    Offentliche Kunst, Kunst im Offenlichen Raum Niederosterreich Band 7, 2002-2004/ Public Art Lower Austria Volume 7, 2002-2004 (2004)
    ISBN: 3211210563. ISBN-13: 978 3211210567
    Offentliche Kunst, Kunst im Offenlichen Raum Niederosterreich Band 8, 2004-2006/ Public Art Lower Austria Volume 7, 2004-2006 (2006)
    ISBN-13: 978 3211323335
    Editor: Katharina Blaas-Pratscher. Various authors. All publications German/English.
    Published by Springer Vienna New York.


  • One Place After Another: Site-specific Art and Locational Identity (2004)

    This book offers a critical history of site-specific art since the late 1960s, and a theoretical framework for examining the rhetoric associated with the many permutations of this kind of work.
    By Miwon Kwon. ISBN: 026261202X. ISBN-13: 978 0262612029.
    Published by The MIT Press. Tel: 020 7306 0603. Email: [email protected]


  • Public Art in Canada: Critical Perspectives (2008)

    The rigorous essays by new and established Canadian scholars, curators and artists, and the original works of art collected in this volume present a compelling demonstration of the strategies, aesthetic and otherwise, used by artists to elicit intellectual, sensual, or emotional responses that can only be obtained through artistic practices in public places.
    Editors: Annie Gerin, James S. McLean. ISBN: 0802095682. ISBN-13: 978-0802095688.
    Published by University of Toronto Press.
    Tel: +1 416 978 2239. Email: [email protected]


  • Sculpture in the City - Dangerous Ground (1999)

    Brings together different aspects of the interface between art and the city from writers such as Sir Anthony Caro, Mel Gooding, Susan Jones and John Calcutt. The book is a timely snapshot of some of the key issues relating to art in the city, public sculpture and public art at the end of the 20th century.
    Editors: Andrew Guest, Ray McKenzie. ISBN: 0951614665. ISBN-13: 978 0951614662.
    Published by Scottish Sculpture Trust.
    Out of print.

  • Space Invaders - Issues of Presentation, Context and Meaning in Contemporary Art (1993)

    Texts by Marjorie Althorpe-Guyton, Andrew Brighton, Chris Dercon, Nicholas de Ville, Greg Hilty, Robert Hopper, Lewis Johnson, James Lingwood, Vivien Lovell, Maureen Paley, Haim Steinbach, Jon Thompson.
    Editors: Nicholas de Ville, Stephen Foster. ISBN: 0854324720.
    Published by John Hansard Gallery, University of Southampton.
    Tel: 023 8059 3109. Email: [email protected]


  • Surface Tension Supplement No. 1 (2006)

    The Surface Tension Supplements form an annual book series on site-based practices in art, architecture, and performance which investigate and encourage location-based practice through critical and creative writing, documentation of projects, field reports from global perspectives, and book projects. The series seeks to question what role location-based practice can play in defining contemporary culture and society.
    Editors: Ken Ehrlich, Brandon LaBelle. ISBN: 0977259404. ISBN-13: 978 0977259403.
    Published by Errant Bodies Press, Copenhagen/Los Angeles.
    Email: [email protected]


  • Surface Tension: Problematics of Site (2003)

    At a time when questions of ?place? are active in dialogues around globalization, cultural identities, and the loss of public space, how are artists, theorists, and architects imagining space? What is the ongoing role of conflicting models of site-specificity in contemporary art and architecture?
    Editors: Ken Erlich, Brandon LaBelle. ISBN: 0965557049.
    Published by Errant Bodies Press, Copenhagen/Los Angeles.
    Email: [email protected]


  • The Art of City Making (2006)

    Aided by international case studies, this book explains how to reassess urban potential so that cities can strengthen their identity and adapt to the changing global terms of trade and mass migration. It explores the deeper fault-lines, paradoxes and strategic dilemmas that make creating the 'good city' so difficult.
    By Charles Landry. ISBN-13: 978 1844072453
    Publisher: Earthscan Publications Ltd.
    Tel: 020 7841 1930. Email: [email protected]


  • The Benefits of Public Art (1995)

    The polemics of permanent art in public places.
    By Sara Selwood. ISBN: 0853746087.
    Published by The Policy Studies Institute. Out of print.

  • The Citizen Artist: 20 Years of Art in the Public Arena (1998)

    A compendium of articles from High Performance Magazine 1978-1998, debating how one broaches the concept of the 'public', of the 'responsibility' of the artist, and of the 'purpose' and 'meaning' of art - especially when art is moved out into the spaces of daily life.
    Editors: Linda Frye Burnham, Steven Durland. ISBN: 1883831105.
    Published by Art Data. Out of print.

  • The Creative City (1990)

    Transcripts of three seminar papers, which discuss the issues surrounding the commissioning of public art.
    1 A Place for Art by Richard Cork, academic, art critic, writer and broadcaster.
    This essay examines successful historical examples of artworks created in harmonious context with specific environments, and explores the problems associated with our culture's ability to create works of public and community art.
    2 Places: The City and the Invisible by Sue Clifford, co-director, Common Ground.
    A discussion of the importance of place in people's lives, illustrated by several British projects where artworks have successfully integrated the specific character of a locality and thereby enhanced people's appreciation of it. Out of print.
    3 The Vision of Artists and the Mechanics of Funding by Sandra Percival, Director of Public Art Development Trust, and formerly, Director of Washington State's Public Art Program (USA). Her paper traces the development and implications of public art policies in America including a range of successful funding strategies. She considers experiences in American cities of the involvement of artists in the design process and the collaboration of artist and architect. Out of print.
    Published by Public Art Development Trust.
    A Place for Art is available from Cornerhouse Publications.
    Tel: 0161 228 7621. Email: [email protected]


  • The Lure Of The Local (1997)

    One of America's most influential art writers, weaves together cultural studies, history, geography and contemporary art to provide a facinating exploration of our multiple senses of place.
    By Lucy R. Lippard. ISBN: 978 156584 2472
    Published by The New Press, New York.


  • The Lure of the Local: The Sense of Place in a Multicultural Society (1998)

    Explores multiple senses of place through the lens of cultural studies, history, geography and contemporary art. It discusses community, land use, perceptions of nature, how we produce landscape, how landscape affects us.
    By Lucy R. Lippard. ISBN: 1565842480. ISBN-13: 978 1565842489.
    Published by The New Press.
    Available from Turnaround Publisher Services. Tel: 020 8829 3000. Email: [email protected]


  • The Practice of Public Art (2008)

    A collection of essays by practicing artists, curators, activists, art writers, administrators, city planners, and educators offers divergent perspectives on the numerous facets of the public art process. The volume also includes a useful graphic timeline of the history of public art in the UK and the USA from 1900-2005.

    Editors: Cameron Cartiere, Shelly Willis
    ISBN-13: 978 0415962926.
    Published by Routledge.
    Tel: 020 7017 6000.

    Now available in paperback and e-book


  • The Uses of Decoration: Essays in the Architectural Everyday (2000)

    The book draws together material from several countries and areas of practice - from the affluent as well as the non-affluent worlds, and from art as well as architecture. Running through the book is a concern for the everyday, for the seemingly small and insignificant ways in which people occupy the built environment.
    By Malcolm Miles. ISBN: 047148962X.
    Published by John Wiley & Sons. Out of print.

  • Two Minds : Artists and Architects in Collaboration (2006)

    The process of collaboration between artists and architects is analysed and documented IN this collection of 18 projects funded BY the RSA Art for Architecture scheme. Essays by international writers and curators Philip Ursprung (Zurich) and Cara Mullio (Los Angeles) place the RSA scheme in an international context.
    Editor: Jez Fernie. ISBN: 1904772269. ISBN-13: 978 1904772262.
    Published by Black Dog Publishing.
    Tel: 0207 713 5097. Email: [email protected]

  • Urban Avant-Gardes and Social Transformation: Art, Architecture and Change (2004)

    Looks back at past avant-gardes and asks whether a new cultural avant-garde is possible, and whether art and architecture can change the world.
    By Malcolm Miles. ISBN: 0415266882. ISBN-13: 0415266888.
    Published by Routledge.
    Tel: 020 7017 6000.


  • Urban Futures - Critical Commentaries on Shaping Cities (2002)

    Commentaries from a wide range of contributors who draw on their specialist areas of research to inform current debate on the shaping of cities and how cities may be shaped in the 21st Century.
    Editors: Tim Hall, Malcolm Miles. ISBN: 0415266947. ISBN-13: 0415266946.
    Published by Routledge.
    Tel: 020 7017 6000.


  • Where Is the Public in Public Art? (2008)

    For centuries, public art has been used to celebrate heroes, commemorate historical events and decorate public spaces, and has been created by the most renowned artists and commissioned by powerful political leaders. But where is the public in public art? How much power does the public have, should they have or do they want?
    By Corrinn Conard. ISBN: 3836481898. ISBN-13: 978-3836481892
    Published by VDM Verlag Dr. Mueller e.K.
    Tel: +49 681 9100 698. Email: [email protected]


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