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Norden Farm Centre for Arts

Fact Sheet


Norden Farm Centre for the Arts

Art Commissions: Deep Theatre; Curved Landscape; Poured Wall


Liza Gough Daniels

Julia Manheim (Principal Consulting Artist)

Hans Peter Kuhn (

Leon Palmer & Anna Heinrich


Norden Farm Centre for the Arts

David Hill, Director


June/July 1996 (Feasibility Study commissioned)


September 2000


Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Altwood Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire


Deep Theatre, Julia Manheim, Hans Peter Kuhn, Leon Palmer & Anna Heinrich, 8m x 2m x 2m

Curved Landscape, Liza Gough Daniels, landscape approx. 20m x 20m; screen approx. 4m high x 8 m wide

Poured Wall, Liza Gough Daniels, approx. 2.6m high x 7m wide


Various including: chalk, video, sound, paint, concrete, gravel, slate paving, planting.

Total Project Commissioning Budget

£92,380 + an estimated £30,000 within the main building contract.

Funding sources

RSA Art for Architecture (

Arts Council of England Lottery Capital Programme

Summary Artists' Brief

To create permanent and temporary work which would make explicit the creative nature of Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, integrated within the interior and exterior.

Project Manager

Louise O'Reilly, Artpoint Trust

Other Professionals

Architects: Design: Paul Jenkins, Frances Forward, Lucy Jones, Architecture for the Arts

Architects: Construction: Will Asheton, Gotch Saunders & Surridge. Assistant, Lucy Jones

Building Contractor: Ballast Wiltshier plc

Sound Consultants: Nick Edwards & Randy Cormack, Acoustic Dimensions

AV Contractors: Northern Light

Engineering Consultants: Max Fordham and Partners

Mechanical & Electrical Engineers - Construction: Max Fordham and Partners

Structural Engineers - Construction: Alan Baxter and Partners

Contact for further information

Louise O'Reilly, Director, Artpoint Trust, 2 Littlegate Street, Oxford OX1 1QT

Tel: 01865 248822

email:Louise.O'[email protected]